Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Day Camped in South Bend, Washington.
Sometimes when MsTioga and The Team arrive in a town for the first time, the pride just comes thru, so easy to see. The Town of South Bend seems such a place. We can see the pride in the people cleaning the streets and in the maintenance men working on dock repairs. Above all we see the pride in the Robert Bush Park where we are camped. Robert Bush was a World War II Medal of Honor winner, and this place is dedicated to the bravery of this man.


Robert Bush Park in South Bend, Washington.

12 Noon - Heading toward the Long Beach/Ocean Park Peninsula.
About 40 miles south of South Bend is the beginning of a 20 mile long peninsula extending almost due north. The Towns of Long Beach and Ocean Park are here. The Team wants to take a peek at this place, and explore.

3PM - Looking around Long Beach.
We were very surprised to find that Pacific Way, the main street thru the Town of Long Beach had loads of stop-n-go traffic. Reminded us of Friday Cruise Nite, except this is Wednesday afternoon. Long Beach seems to be a very popular beach town.

5PM - Back in Oregon! Supper Camped in the City of Astoria.
After crossing the bridge over the Columbia River, we pulled off and made a Camp near the harbor. There is a Red Lion in here, but we are parked in the lot of a "For Rent" building. This may be an OK Nite Camp, if it gets quiet later in the nite.


MsTioga and George look at the boat masts in nearby Astoria Harbor.

New thing for supper tonite.
I really love brussel sprouts which I prepare by frying halves of the brussel sprouts in oil with a lot of garlic. However, the thing about brussel sprouts that I really love are the leaves that fall off and get crispy in the frying. These garlic fried crispy brussel sprout leaves are really great. This evening I'm going to try to make much of the brussel sprouts into garlic fried crispy leaves. Yummm! The main course is fried chicken. Double yummm!


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