Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oregon Dunes Viewpoint!
We have made a Day Camp at the Oregon Dunes Viewpoint. Wood stairs lead up the hill to a wonderful place from which to see the dunes and the Ocean beyond. It makes me feel sooooo good to be here!
Looking at the Oregon Dunes from this wonderful Viewpoint.

1PM - In the Town of Reedsport.
MsTioga got her propane tank filled, and now we at the coin laundry washing clothes.

Do you have troubles with food?
I have big troubles with food, because I Love To Eat! Sometimes I am overwhelmed with a desire for something. For example a couple of nites ago I read a recipe for oatmeal cookies on the Old Fashioned Oats box. It was 11PM, and I found myself warming up the oven and making cookies! This recipe called for shortening, and since I had no shortening I used butter. Well, that butter must have been the right thing, because those oatmeal cookies tasted soooooo good. I could not stop myself, and in just over a day I ate the whole batch of cookies!

One of my values concerns my health. Have you read my values pages? One of my goals under health is "To never over eat." Ha! Wanna know something? Hmmmm? Sometimes when things breakdown a lot, I will treat myself out for supper. Makes me feel good. What happens to "not overeating" on days like that? That goal just goes flying away as though I never wrote it. Wow!

5PM - Supper Camped in Saunders Lake Park.
We do a lot of exploring while traveling, and when we explored into Saunders Park, everybody on The Team shouted, "Let's stay here for awhile!" So we did. This lovely park is in the Town of North Bend.

During the afternoon, we were looking for a road to the beach. It is interesting that while driving along Hwy #101, glimpses of the gorgeous sand dunes can be seen from the highway, however there are no roads to the beach! Hmmmm?
George benched along the lovely Saunders Lake.

8PM - Nite Camped in a residential/commercial/neighborhood of North Bend.
MsTioga is next to what appears to be a vacant industrial building. Camping next to a vacant building is usually a good thing. On August 19, 2003 we made a Camp only three blocks from here.

The Conde B. McCullough Memorial Bridge looking across Coos Bay.

Apollo 13 Movie.
The Team is very excited about getting back to watching the movie, "Apollo 13" on the TV. We broke off watching the movie in order to move to our Nite Camp to the Town of North Bend. Former astronaut James Lovell, commander of Apollo 13 is a guest and is being interviewed during movie breaks. Wow! Hearing and seeing Jim Lovell is sooooo neat!


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  1. My wife and I once went on a cruise ship that had Jim Lovell as a speaker during the trip. He is a character!!!!

  2. My wife and I once went on a cruise ship that had Jim Lovell as a speaker during the trip. He is a character!!!!