Thursday, September 01, 2005

1AM - Listening to the crickets.
I cannot fully accept my incredibly good fortune to be living my absolutely wonderful life! Everything is perfect.

It is a warm nite, 63 degrees F outside, so my bedroom window is open. The crickets in the forest are singing and their song is sooooo beautiful. I looked at my Skymap star chart, and Mars is to the east. I went outside into the moonless nite to see this planet, and it was there, right where it is supposed to be. I have to admit that I am afraid to be outside when it is so dark. Isn't that silly? But it's true.

Updated and changed Budget Info and 2005 Trip Plan.
This evening our Budget Info was updated. Our income statement is now included along with expenses in our Budget Info page. We wanted to include income, for our reader friends who want to be boondocking vagabonds the same as the TiogaRV Team.

Would you like to be living this life, but feel that you could not afford it? You may believe that you need a bunch of money in order to live this fabulous life. But you don't! Look at all the great things that we afford with our moderate income. And all the terrific places that we go!

11AM - The Team decided to stay at this Camp.
We had a great Team Meeting this morning. It was decided to stay at this Camp for another nite. So what shall we do with our time here at this Siskiyou forest Camp? Hmmmm?

We want to complete writing a story for MsTioga Magazine about our fantastic adventure touring the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. Writing is one of our favorite things, as you may know. Listening to Ludwig Van's music is another thing that we love to do. We love Beethoven's 6th symphony - "Pastoral." Especially when we are in the forest.

And of course there is cleaning MsTioga, who by the way, loves to be washed. In the pic below, George shows the few tools used to wash MsTioga. A tiny bucket with soapy water, a long handled brush for soaping down MsTioga. A squeegee and a rag for removing the soapy water. And lastly, our 4 foot ladder.


The tools used to wash MsTioga.

3PM - Does MsTioga have a best direction for parking at her Camps?
As MsTioga became an experienced fulltimer, she found that there was a best direction to park when camping. When she is camped with her front pointing to the west, it's best.

Mr. Dometic, our hard working fridge loves it when MsTioga points west, because that means that his working parts are in the shade.

Mr. Sunny, our solar electric system likes it too, because his panels receive maximum exposure to the sun when MsTioga is pointed west. Someday in the future, Mr. Sunny plans to make his solar panels inclinable, and they will tip up perfectly if MsTioga is pointed west.


A little while ago, MsTioga moved to point west.

Nite Camp Map Link

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