Sunday, September 25, 2005

7AM - Cleaning House!
Last Friday I posted about getting rid of stuff that I do not use. This morning starting around 5AM, everything was taken of each cabinet, one by one. The cabinet was scrubbed, cleaning all of the dust and dirt. Then, only the items that we use were returned to the cabinet. Wow! There is a LOT of stuff gone.

Now we have tons of space with empty shelves and even an entirely empty cabinet. Does this mean that we can now go shopping?

EmptyCabinetA09-25-2005Copy EmptyCabinetC09-25-2005Copy

MsTioga's empty shelves. [Thumbnails]

3PM - Day Camped in Concord High School's parking lot.
While dumping trash from this morning's house cleaning, we came upon some of MsTioga's old curtains. These are just about the right size for our new cabover curtains! So, we put these old curtains up. Wow! Because these cabover curtains are forward of our old long curtains, they give the feeling of more room when closed.


Cabover curtains compared to old curtains.


No Google map link today.

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