Friday, September 23, 2005

Curtain project!
Now that we have ordered the new privacy curtains that will hang from MsTioga's cabover shelf, the next thing to do is install a curtain rail. The problem with buying curtain rods, is that they do not turn corners easily. So, we are making are own curtain rail out of pieces of aluminum angle that we bought from Yard Birds yesterday. This morning we will be fabricating this aluminum angle so that it will bend around the corners of the cabover shelf in order for the curtains to open and close.

Mr. Mavica has promised to take pics so that you may see what this curtain rod is all about, OK?

10AM - Fabbing up the curtain rail.
Thank goodness for David's workshop! David has a ton of tools. In the pic below, the curtain rail is being notched so that it will fit into MsTioga and make the required bend. David's wood cutting blade is being used to cut aluminum here. Do you think that we should buy him a new blade? Hmmmm?


Notching the aluminum curtain rail.

12 Noon - Curtain rail is finished!
In the left pic below, Mr. Mavica shows you the installed curtain rail. Isn't it shiny? These are thumbnail pics and you may enlarge them by clicking. The pic on the right shows a closeup of the curtain rail section that is curved. Do you see the little drapery hook hanging from the rail? Hmmm?

The deteriorated shelf behind the curtain rail [right thumbnail] was from water damage before MsTioga met George. Fixing this damage will be part of a future project.

CurtainRailInstalled09-23-2005Copy CurtainRailB09-23-2005Copy

Finished and installed curtain rail. [Click to enlarge]

Lunch time!
The Team has moved to the lovely Newhall Park in Concord. George is having lunch here. Wanna know what is on the menu? BBQ beef ribs, a donation from son David. Also, baked beans and corn. Sounds good, huh?

Getting rid of stuff that I don't use.
When I decided to become a fulltime RVer and not have a stick home anymore, there was lots of stuff to get rid of in order to fit everything that I owned inside MsTioga. Just before I took off forever, I was giving away stuff with both hands. Man! Even now I am still getting rid of stuff that I don't ever use. I'm beginning to wonder about how little I need in order to live this fabulous life?!

One of the projects while at my homebase is to go over every single thing inside MsTioga and make a decision. Keep it or get rid of it. You would not believe at how much storage room is beginning to show up. And as I get rid of unused stuff, I am beginning to feel really good about all of this empty storage space.

Could it be that having a bunch of stuff is a not a good thing? Hmmmm?


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