Saturday, September 24, 2005

Going to breakfast with Mr. Dick!
Our own Mr. Chips has a very good friend whose name is Mr. Dick. Mr. Chips and Mr. Dick have written 100s of emails to each other. We received an email invitation to breakfast this morning from Mr. Dick, and are meeting with him at "Country Waffles" located in the City of Clayton, California. We on The Team do not know exactly what a country waffle tastes like, or how this waffle is different from other waffles, but we hope to find out and let you know.

9AM - Country Waffles for breakfast.
Mr. Dick and George went to eat at Country Waffles. We found out that a country waffle is a nice crisp Belgian style waffle that tastes great! After breakfast, Mr. Dick went to MsTioga to visit with his good friend, Mr. Chips and also to chat with the rest of The Team.


Mr. Dick visits with The Team. [Clickable thumbnail]

2PM - Ms. RV Looking gets her cable re-routed!
As you may know, Ms. RV Looking is our wonderful backup camera system. Her cable routing needs tweaking, because the cable is somewhat exposed in its run from the camera on MsTioga's rear to the monitor up front.

In the clickable thumbnail below, you may see Ms. RV Looking's cable running from an upper cabinet, along the top of the window header and then down the right side of the window treatment. The cable then runs along the floor inside of MsTioga to the monitor on the new front table. We hope to make Ms. RV Looking's cable completely concealed.


Concealing cable running inside MsTioga [Clickable thumbnail]

4PM - Re-routing cable was a tough job, but it is done!
The job was tough because it got pretty warm inside MsTioga. There are only a few tiny places where Ms. RV Looking's video cable may be seen. Don't you like it when you finish a "to-do" and are able to mark it done on your list?!

Mr. Chips and George need help with Cascading Style Sheets.
Are you really good with HTML code and especially Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? Hmmmm? Mr. Chips and George bought the book, "HTML Utopia: Designing Without Tables Using CSS." We need some help debugging our code.

If you know CSS, please write, OK? Our email addresses are in the "Contact" link at the bottom of this page in our footer. Thank you sooooo much!

7PM - Stealthy Evening Camp.
MsTioga found a place to make her Evening Camp in the parking area of some closed stores. MsTioga is renowned for her stealthy ways, and sometimes even though she is sooooo famous, appears almost invisible to neighbor's eyes.


Our stealth Evening Camp off Clayton Road in the City of Concord.


No Google map link today.

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