Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Mr. Sunny gets his solar battery deep cleaned.
The Team is Day Camped in lovely Newhall Park, and ready to work on our next "To-Do" list item.

Once each year, Mr. Sunny's battery bank is disassembled for cleaning. Last year the batteries became to hard for George to lift. This year we bought a battery lug lift handle in order to carry the batteries to the sink for cleaning. It is not possible to properly do our maintenance with the batteries remaining in their bank location.

Each 6 volt deep cycle battery sits in its own plastic battery tray. These battery trays are very important. Batteries seem to exude electrolyte, no matter how clean they are maintained. At least once each year, we take apart the entire battery bank, clean each battery all over, along with the battery trays and the entire battery compartment. Each copper cable end is cleaned until the copper is shiny bright. Battery studs are cleaned. All nuts, washers, lock washers are cleaned or replaced as necessary.

2PM - Battery bank cleaning job is finished.
This is a long hard job. Hard because the batteries are heavy and awkward to lift. This may be the last time George is able to do the annual battery maintenance without help.

In the pic below, Mr. Mavica catches George resting just after cleaning all of Mr. Sunny's six deep cycle batteries. Do you see the batteries are on the carpet next to George? After the battery bank area is cleaned, the batteries will be put back and the cables and wires reattached.


A little rest after cleaning
the battery bank.


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