Monday, September 26, 2005

MsTioga visiting Jose the Mechanic!
Early this morning MsTioga, went over to see her friend, Jose the Mechanic whose shop is in the City of Concord. MsTioga trusts Jose, because he has done excellent work before, and does not charge too much money!

MsTioga has several things to get tweaked:
  • Steering oil leak?
  • MsTioga has a very slow oil leak coming from her steering gear box.
  • Cooler engine on hills?
  • MsTioga complains that her engine gets too hot sometimes. Not overheated, but just too hot. We want to get a recommendation; Tranny cooler? Engine Cooler? Both?
  • Shock absorbers?
  • MsTioga sways or rocks side-to-side when going over uneven surfaces. She wants to find out why? Maybe MsTioga needs big truck shock absorbers?

1PM - Installing new shocks!
The work at Jose's Auto Service is going fine. In the pic below, Jose shows the new shocks to be installed into MsTioga, as George looks on.


Jose shows our new Monroe shocks.

5PM - MsTioga is all done at Jose's Auto Service.
MsTioga has new shocks, and new fan clutch, a new steering box and her rear end fluid was changed! MsTioga is feeling great!


MsTioga, George, Jose, Rodrigo and Eduardo in front of Jose's Auto Service.

Sad news about Ms. Della Latitude.
Do you remember that our newest team member, Ms. Della Latitude, a Dell Latitude laptop computer had to go back for replacement? Today we had to cancel that order, and ask for our money back.

With all of the shipping back and forth charges, the cost of Ms. Della was getting closer to a low-end brand new Dell laptop. We will have to think about waiting a bit to get a laptop.


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