Wednesday, September 28, 2005

MsTioga's "To-Do" list is getting smaller.
We are happy to see so many completed items on our "To-Do" list! There are still many items left, but the hardest (and most expensive) things are now done.

Reducing noise inside MsTioga.
MsTioga wants to be able to drive down any road, and make no noise at all. This is very hard to do, especially when driving off paved roads. Mainly, we are talking about noise from things rattling around in our cabinets. At a Team Meeting a few weeks ago, MsTioga wondered what would happen if all of her cabinets were lined with carpet? Would this cut down on rattling noise while driving on unpaved roads?

Today we will go and get some carpet, cut it to size, and line the bottom of our cabinets.

4PM - Reader emails that MsTioga is too much work!
This afternoon a reader sent an email, and he wrote:
"It seems that there is too much work to do in order to live in your RV. Is it worth it?"

This question really makes us on The Team wonder. Worth it? Wow! Here we are traveling anywhere that we want, camping in wonderful places. We are able to work on MsTioga at these beautiful places. It is a joy to do this work. It is a gift from heaven!

Perhaps it is a mystery for some to understand why even working hard to maintain MsTioga is a fantastic thing? Take right now, for example. We are making this post from what we call Blue Rock Camp. In the pic below, I am resting at this camp. Yes, our Camp is only on a street in my son's neighborhood. But it is also my home. And that is the beauty of it. Because anywhere that I go, anywhere that that I Camp, I am home!


George and MsTioga loving our RV life at Blue Rock Camp.


No Google map link today.

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