Friday, September 30, 2005

News about our newest Team Member.
Do you remember Ms. Della Latitude? She was our newest Team Member, a laptop computer who got sent back because she would not operate. Well, we had a big Team Meeting yesterday, and decided that we really needed to have a backup computer. What would we do, for example, if while in Mexico Mr. Chips crashed and we would not be able to get online? Wouldn't that be just terrible? Hmmmm?

So, last nite we placed an order for another laptop. But this time it was for a brand new laptop from Dell Computer. So our newest Team Member is now Ms. Della Inspiron. And we are very inspired to tell you about her! Ms. Della will be delivered to Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's home in a couple of weeks. On our trip south, we will stop and visit and of course, pick up Ms. Della Inspiron.

9PM - Camping in the City of Antioch.
We have come to Antioch to shop for short pants at a store named, "Work World." This store sells George's favorite short pants, so we have come here to buy some.

11AM - Some readers wonder when The Team will be on the road again?
During the past week, we have received emails asking when we will be heading out again? MsTioga and The Team will be leaving our homebase of Concord and heading south toward Mexico around the middle of next week.

But this question brings up what we will be doing in Mexico this year? Our plan is to stay in our adopted Mexican home town of Santa Rosalia. We intend to become a part of the community during the winter months. It is not clear how we will accomplish this goal. Our blog will tell the story of the people that we meet, the friends that we make and our daily life in the Town of Santa Rosalia.

California gasoline mileage less for MsTioga!
MsTioga keeps track of her gasoline mileage. All thru Canada, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon, MsTioga's mileage averaged about 8.5 miles per gallon. When we entered California, MsTioga's gasoline mileage plummeted to 6.5 miles per gallon. Wow! The gasoline in California is more expensive and appears to be not as good.


No Google map link today.

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