Thursday, September 29, 2005

Our backup camera needs a nite lite.
Ms. RV Looking is our backup camera. She works great during the day. However at nite, even though she has a nite/day selection mode, nothing can be seen. Last nite we experimented with a nite lite, and it seemed to help. This nite lite will have to be pretty brite.

And that is what today's item on the "To-Do" list is going to be. Finding, buying and installing a nite lite for Ms. RV Looking.

12 - Noon Trying out a halogen bulb for the backup camera nite lite.
Looking for the simplest method of illumination, a halogen bulb is being fitted into the backup light fixture. Tonite we will test it out to see how well this works.

9PM - Backup Camera nite lite experiment.
The trial to see if the halogen lite would allow Ms. RV Looking to see at nite failed. Not enough lite came thru the lense of MsTioga's backup lite fixture. It seems as though a new lite fixture will have to be mounted. One that gives a lot of lite.

Late in answering emails.
I am late in answering many emails. Some unanswered emails go back to September 20th. I want to answer all email, but may not be able to catch up until the end of next week.


No Google map link today.

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