Thursday, September 22, 2005

Why is MsTioga the greatest RV in the history of the World?
That is the question that many RVs ask! Many other RVs are newer and bigger. But still, MsTioga is the greatest? Do you too want to know why? Hmmmm? Well then, we will tell you!

It is because MsTioga is so very highly tweaked. Take today, for example. This morning we ran our pretty new XM satellite radio's antenna cable down thru MsTioga's walls to completely conceal the cable. A fantastic major tweak was accomplished just this week when all five of MsTioga's cabover clearance lites were replaced with trucker's big rig style fixtures. Tweaking may also be a way of doing things. Cleaning MsTioga's carpet is a highly tweaked procedure which has resulted in gorgeously clean carpet! Everybody on The Team, loves to tweak!

11AM - Bedding and the curtains.
Yesterday evening, we went to the Big K-Mart store here in Concord shopping for a quilted blanket for our replacement bedding. We found one that we liked, and brought it to Lilly's Zarpana Design that we wrote about yesterday. Lilly will also sew up our two privacy curtains! Wow! We have been wondering about replacing the bedding and these curtains for a long time!


Lilly's Zarpana Design where our bedding and curtains will be made.

3PM - View from MsTioga's driver seat.
A small oak angle bracket was fabbed up in David's workshop to secure the XM Radio to the underside of the front table. The brackets that came with the XM moved around when pushing on the buttons. This oak bracket is firm, and holds the XM solidly. Would you like to see what the mounted XM looks like from MsTioga's driver seat? Hmmm?


XM Satellite Radio mounted to the new front table.

6PM - The welcome mat at Yard Birds.
We bought some aluminum angle here at Yard Birds (a large hardware store). We are going to use the angle as a runner for the cabover drapery that we are buying. Of course Yard Birds extended the welcome mat for the famous MsTioga. Soooo, we are making an Evening Camp here.

Have you noticed that nearly everywhere that MsTioga goes, she is loved and welcomed?!


MsTioga and The Team Camped at Yard Birds.


No Google map link today.

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