Wednesday, October 26, 2005

3AM - Plunging into L.A. County.
Los Angeles County may not be a happy place to travel for MsTioga during the daytime. So, we decided to travel in the early morning hours. Los Angeles County is a huge place!  The Team is heading across the widest part of the County in order to tour the Lazy Daze RV plant in the Town of Montclair tomorrow.

5AM - Morning Camped in East Los Angeles.
Our early morning trip took us thru the San Fernando Valley, then thru the downtown of the City of Los Angeles. We passed the famous Capitol Records building and huge Hollywood sign. The traffic was pretty light, and MsTioga had no problems at this very early hour. By the time we reached our destination in East Los Angeles, we had travelled 45 miles and were only about half way across L.A. County. Wow! 

11AM - Computer networking and Changing MsTioga's oil.
Mr. Chips and Ms. GQ spent part of the morning trying to be able to share files over our new network. It seems that we have a lot to learn about networking, because we could not figure out how to do this file sharing.

MsTioga reminded that her oil change is due now. So, we will change it today. Some readers have wondered what is done with our used oil? We collect the used oil in a container made especially for this purpose, and deposit this oil at an auto parts store that collects it.

2PM - Working on MsTioga in City Terrace County Park.
Did you know that George grew up in the East Los Angeles community of City Terrace? Hmmmm? Born there, raised here, and left when he was 25 years old when he got married. We on The Team know this place pretty well.

MsTioga got her oil changed, and we are doing this chore in double quick time now. Draining the oil used to be messy, but since we bought this giant long funnel, it's easy and clean! MsTioga had some of her grill work loose, so that was fixed up too.


George and MsTioga doing maintenance stuff in City Terrace County Park.

6PM - Supper Camped in Monterey Park.
Making fried salmon with potatoes and brussel sprouts! Love breaded and fried foods.


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