Tuesday, October 25, 2005

5AM - Los Angeles, California.
Driving in the Los Angeles area is a true adventure. There are more vehicles on the road here at 5AM then many major areas have at rush hour. Tiny cars careen around MsTioga going 70+ while we are traveling a 55mph. We decided to go off the #101 Freeway and park for aFinawhile. We found a parking lot for office buildings in the City of Thousand Oaks, and will stay here until the lot begins to fill up.

Mr. Datastorm's dilemma.
Nobody knows what is wrong with Mr. Datastorm's new equipment. We know that it doesn't work, but we don't know why. At Motosat, we have been talking to Ben, their lead tech person. Maybe Ben can figure out what is wrong? Of course we still have our older model Datastorm system, which is working fine.

10AM - Mr. Datastorm is soooo happy!
Mr. Datastorm tried and tried and tried. He tried so many things. Finally the new system found the satellite. Wow!!

We are typing this celebration post from Ms. GQ, our new laptop computer. Everybody on The Team is so very proud of Mr. Datastorm because he never gives up!

2PM - Learning about the New D3 Datastorm.
There is a bunch of stuff to learn about the new D3. However, the D3 is very intuitive, and not difficult to learn. MsTioga moved to a new location so that Mr. Datastorm could test himself again. We are online at the new location, and the D3 seems to be working fine.

The LinkSys Wireless router needs to be replaced, and we have received permission from Motosat to return the one that they supplied. When the router is working correctly, Mr. Chips and Ms. GQ will be able to be on the internet from anyplace close to MsTioga without a cable! There is a Best Buy a short distance away from our Day Camp, and we are going shopping there for a new LinkSys Wireless Router.

Don't you just love that name? "Wireless Router." It sounds so Star Trek like!

3PM - New wireless router.
The new wireless router works great on Ms. GQ! All we do to go online now, is turn on our electric power and press "Search" on the D3 controller. Mr. Datastorm goes up, finds his space station uplink, and that is that. Do you want to know something fantastic? Hmmmm? Mr. Chips used 14 amps together with the old D1 system. The new system with Ms. GQ, only uses 5 amps. Wow!

5PM - Supper Camped in Thousand Oaks.
We found a Camp in an office neighborhood, and believe that this street will be safe and quiet for sleeping. Tonite for supper is the leftover chunky fried chicken salad. Love that fried chicken.


Ms. GQ is wireless now!


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  1. This street has no parking 10pm to 6am signs up now. I think it will not work any longer. I guess you could go into the building parking lots but that seem risky to me.