Thursday, October 27, 2005

5AM - Testing Mr. Datastrorm's new system.
Mr. Datastorm is happy with his new system, but wants it to perform much better than it is. So, we were up very ealrly playing around with finding the space station. Mr. Datastorm knows that new things take time to learn, and we will learn everything in time.
7AM - Heading east to the Town of Montclair.
Do you remember that we are going on a tour of the Lazy Daze RV factory today? We are crazy about looking at RV manufacturing plants.

Stopped at the Wal-Mart.
A few miles down the road, we spotted a Wal-Mart. We need to buy motor oil and a roof vent cap for MsTioga, so we stopped. While we are here, we made a Breakfast Camp.   Out the window is the huge Highway #10, also called the San Bernardino Freeway.  Traffic is intense!

Note to all of our readers:
I have been working for several hours to resolve a glitch in the new D3 Datastorm operating system. Just a few moments ago, I was able to get online for the first time since the early afternoon. It is not possible to tell if this fix will be permanent. Compounding these difficulties with the D3, DirecWay the satellite provider, has been having problems as well.

Whatever happens, you should know that I will keep trying to be online. With new electronic equipment, we have to expect some glitches. I have a lot of faith in the Datastorm and DirecWay people.  I have found that if I will just believe, things turn out great!  OK?

The following was posted at nite, after I got back online:
1PM - Touring the Lazy Daze Plant.
I did not have any idea what kind of factory the Lazy Daze RV plant would be. It was a surprise to find an older group of buildings. Not at all impressive. No attempt to be modern. This is an old time company, with old time values.

I first spoke to a fellow named Steve. Later I found out that Steve not only ran the manufacturing operation, but is co-owner of Lazy Daze with his father Ed. I toured the manufacturing area of Lazy Daze with Ed, who is a spry 80 year old man. I is very clear after only a few minutes walking and talking with Ed, how much the quality of his RV manufacturing plant mean to him.

I have been thru the Monaco RV plant in Oregon, and the Fleetwood plant in Southern California. Both of these giant plants are impressive. However, Lazy Daze produces an RV that is far and away a much better engineered and clearly a higher quality vehicle.


Touring the Lazy Daze RV manufacturing plant in Montclair, California.

4PM - Trying to get the Datastorm to work again.
It took several hours of work to get the Datastorm problem resolved. I found out that there was a download that might correct the problem that the new Datastorm D3 controller had getting online. However, this download required me to be online. Wow! What a Catch-22.


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