Monday, October 31, 2005

7PM - We are soooo sorry for not being able to post the Blog!
We tried very hard to be online all day long. We can only guess how many of our readers tried to tune in, only to find nothing was posted in our Blog for today. We want you to know that it just was not possible to go online. We tried so many things, and only in the early evening were we able to surf the net again.

Below is what happened today.

10AM - New D3 Datastorm controller delivered.
From the time when the new D3 Datastorm controller was delivered by UPS at 10AM, all the way until 5PM, Mr. Chips, Mr. Datastorm and George worked liked crazy trying to get back online. Nothing worked! Wow!

The new D3 controller didn't work. Even the new 6000 modem worked really weird. We must have made phone calls for support to Motosat at least 50+ times today. Finally, we regretfully decided to go back to our old D1 Datastorm controller and old 4000 modems.

D1 Controller and 4000 modem hookup.
We were very lucky to find that our old 4000 modems were still commissioned.  This meant that these modems would still be able to go online to our present satellite.  This lucky thing was a clue to us, that we were now headed in the right direction. Apparently we were NOT supposed to go with the new D3 controller at this time. Anyway, that is how our thinking went. There had to be a reason why Mr. Datastorm was not able to work correctly for almost a week.

Then we found that our old 4000 transmitting modem went bad! You are probably thinking, "What else could go wrong?" Luckily, we had two backup 4000 transmitting modems aboard MsTioga.  We installed one of these modems, and tried to use it. But then our power supply overheated! Man-O-Man!! This Datastrom thing is really testing our faith.  And, you just gotta have faith!

5PM - Shut everything down and invited Cousin Jacky out to supper.
We decided that is was time to back off from all of this Datastorm stuff for awhile. So, Cousin Jacky was invited to go out for supper at a nearby In-N-Out Burger. Wow! Love those fries and burgers.

7PM - Return to MsTioga and Mr. Datastorm.
Upon coming back, we found that the high temperature of the afternoon had come down with the nite. Our power supply had cooled down, and worked great now. Mr. Datastorm started up, and immediately we were online. Just the way it is supposed to be.

Good lesson for the TiogaRV Team!
We believe that this was a test for us. All of these trials with Mr. Datastorm were a test of our faith, and of our goal to stay cool when things are tough. Do you know the song that goes?

You gotta have heart,
Miles and miles and miles of heart,
When the odds are saying you'll never win,
That's when the grin must start...!


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