Monday, October 24, 2005

8AM - Breakfast in Oxnard!!
Guess what The Team did this morning? We went out to breakfast with Sharon and Bob, very good friends of ours who live in Oxnard. After breakfast, we drove to Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard to talk.

Bob has helped The Team a great deal. In April, 2004 when we announced our intention to stop our journey in order to get a job to pay the bills, Bob helped us with our new publishing business. Bob's encouragement, has resulted in the Google AdSense income from this publishing business. Without that AdSense income, we would have had to quit traveling.

Thank you sooooo much, Bob!! Without you we would have missed so much of our wonderful journey!


Bob, Sharon, George and MsTioga at the harbor.

11AM - Changing Mr. Datastorm's equipment.
Do you remember that Mr. Datastorm showed you all of his new equipment last week? There is a new controller, a new modem and a new wireless network system.

We have made a Day Camp in an industrial section of the City of Oxnard, with a clear view of the southern sky. This new equipment will be installed, and very soon we will find out how well it works! Everybody on The Team is soooooo excited for Mr. Datastorm!

5PM - Poor Mr. Datastorm!
Mr. Datastorm worked sooooo hard all of the afternoon! His new controller, modem and even his wireless router would not work right! Mr. Datastorm told everybody that he knows that he will able to get his new system working, and to just have faith and patience in his new stuff. So, of course we are all being patient and have faith in our Mr. Datastorm.


George says, "Sometimes you just gotta have faith and keep trying until you succeed."


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