Sunday, October 30, 2005

9PM - Mr. Datastorm tries to get online!
Several times today, Mr. Datastorm tried to get online with his wounded D3 controller, and could not do it. But now we are online! Would you like to know what happened today? Hmmmm?

6AM - Heading out to Cousin Jacky's home.
Cousin Jacky lives about 20 miles away from last nite's Camp. Mr. Datastorm has some work that needs to be done to his antenna, and we want to do that work before going to Jacky's home.

Over the past several days, we have been hearing sounds from Mr. Datastorm's antenna mount that sounded like one of his bolts was coming loose. Near to Jacky's home, we pulled into a place where it would be OK to go onto MsTioga's roof to tighten this loose bolt.

7AM - Working on Mr. Datastorm's antenna.
Once before, Mr. Datastorm's pivot bolt got loose, and we took the problem to a Datastorm dealer. Now we know how to tighten this pivot bolt ourselves. So, we did.

First we had to remove a sprocket and chain to gain access to the locknut on the pivot bolt. Then the entire head had to be rotated in order to be able to put a wrench on the pivot bolt's head. We found that the bolt was very loose. After tightening the bolt down, we tested the Datastorm and it works perfectly again. It took a couple hours to finish this job. It is a lucky thing that we love to do repair and maintenance projects!

11AM - Visiting with Cousin Jacky.
Jacky and George have always been very close. Even when we do not see each other for a long time, when we get together again that close feeling is strong. Jacky and George grew up in the same neighborhood and went to the same grammar school. Each summer while growing up, Jacky and George played together at the family cabin in Tujunga Canyon. Wow! We had good times there and even today talked about building dams across the creek that flowed behind the cabin.

Jacky prepared a lovely supper serving a salmon roast that was sooooo good.

Mr. Datastorm's new D3 Controller arrives tomorrow.
Everybody on The Team is hoping that the new D3 will fix Mr. Datastorm's problems. It is really tough not being able to go online and talk to you when we want to share what is going on.

Lazy Daze RV factory visit.
An email was received from reader Lester, wondering why we did not give more information about the Lazy Daze factory, their product, and what we thought about this RV company. We plan to publish a webpage about Lazy Daze within the next few days. But we will tell you right now, that the Lazy Daze factory is the highest quality RV plant that we have seen.


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