Sunday, October 23, 2005

Heading south out of Santa Barbara.
Aunt Shirley prepared a wonderful Sunday going away breakfast, with a bagel, lox (smoked salmon), fresh fruit (from her garden) and coffee. Wow!

As we were going thru MsTioga's starting check-off list, we found that Mr. Dometic was not operating. We decided to take off and check out Mr. Dometic in the Town of Carpinteria, a short distance down the road.

11AM - Day Camped in Carpinteria.
The Team has a favorite Day Camp in Carpinteria, along the Bailard Avenue turnoff from Hwy #101. We were soooo happy to find that during the past year, this once dead-end road has been turned into a lovely park! Man-O-Man!


George and MsTioga look at the new park at Bailard Avenue in Carpinteria.

Checking out Mr. Dometic.
We found that Mr. Dometic had something wrong with his tiny computer board, so we pulled his power to clear the memory. Mr. Dometic started right up and is cooling fine now. Putting Mr. Dometic on MsTioga's starting check-off list has turned out to be such a good thing. In checking Mr. Dometic often, we have been able to correct problems quickly that before we did not notice until much later.

Fry's Electronics in Oxnard.
The Team is at Fry's, to shop for a new radio for MsTioga's dash. When MsTioga found that her radio was going bad, she said; "Oh no! Not another thing going wrong! Readers will think that I am a big old $money pit$."

What do you think? Hmmmm? Is MsTioga a big old $money pit$?

What happened with the radio was, that a short while ago, there began to be no sound until the volume would be turned way up, and even then it was still not very loud. We are going to shop for an XM ready radio with a CD player, in order to have a direct connection with Tunes (our XM receiver).

6PM - MsTioga's new radio is wonderful.
We bought a Panisonic radio with a CD player, and it connects directly up to Tunes. The sound that Tunes plays now is so clear! Much, much, much better than before. Wow!

MauricioFrysElect10-23-2005Copy PanisonicRadio10-23-2005Copy

Mauricio installs the new radio at Fry's and the Panisonic installed.

7PM - Nite Camped at Bob and Sharon's place in Oxnard!
Tomorrow, we will tell you all about how Bob helped The Team sooooo much. Tonite MsTioga is making supper for the three of us. A nice fried chicken salad. Yummmm!


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