Thursday, October 13, 2005

Looking at the stars on a clear nite's sky!
The Moon set just after 1AM. I knew about that by checking on my SkyMap software which tells about the planets, Sun and Moon. Thru MsTioga's blinds I could see stars shining. Most often lately, the nite's sky is not clear, and usually clouded over, especially near the Ocean.

However tonite the sky is sooooo clear. Looking up on a nite as this overwhelms me. The beauty is so big and so great. Since becoming a vagabond, the nite sky has become very familiar. For example, I can now find polaris the north star, by following where the constellation Orion is pointing. By looking along a line made by Orion's two extreme stars, the Big Dipper is found, and then following the well known line of the two stars in the Big Dipper, the north star is found.

My life in MsTioga brought me the gift of being close to the outdoors and to Mother Nature. And what a gift that closeness is to me. I love it so.

New way for cleaning MsTioga!
Soon after The Team was born, Mr. Breeze our Dirt Devil vacuum joined on. For the next two years, Mr. Breeze was the way that we used to clean MsTioga's carpets. But no more. While we were in Mexico last winter, we started using Broom 'n Brush.

We have found that using a broom is much easier and quicker than using Mr. Breeze. We use an old dish brush to get into the corners and doing deep cleaning with our Folex Carpet Cleaner. Mr. Breeze is still used to once in awhile to do a very deep cleaning.

We bet that when you visit MsTioga, you will see how really clean her carpets are now.


George holds Broom 'n Brush, MsTioga's new carpet cleaning tools.

11AM - Day Camped across from the Rigdon Fountain.
There is a stonework place on the north side of Hwy #1. There is a sign displayed reading, "Rigdon Fountain." We stopped here last year, intending to write a MsTioga Magazine page about Rigdon Fountain. But we did not publish that page.

Something about this place raises our curiousity. Who built it? Why? We may stay the nite here, trying to figure this place out.

Oh yes, there is something else about this Camp. Down below on the Ocean side of Hwy #1, somebody built a road down to the Ocean and planted a bunch of palm trees. We are able to see no buildings there, only the palm trees. We gotta explore more around this place.

2PM - The Henderson family comes to by to say, "Hi."
MsTioga and The Team are always happy when readers drop by to say, "Hi." This time, the entire Henderson family knocked on MsTioga's door! Wow! MsTioga hopes that Tommy who has a loose tooth, gets a whole dollar from the tooth fairy!


George, Christine (Steven's Mom), Michele, Steven, kids Alice and Tommy.

3PM - Rigdon Fountain Story.
Mr. Chips, Mr. Mavica and George wrote and published a story about the Rigdon Fountain. While we were taking pics of this place, we felt the urge to clean it up. Sooooo, we picked up the trash and swept down the stone steps from years of leaves falling from the trees? Why did we do this work? Hmmmm?

Would you like to read the Rigdon Fountain story?
The Rigdon Fountain story link

4PM - Walking down to see the palm trees on the beach.
Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George hiked about a 1/4 mile south to the road down to the beach to see the palm trees. We knew that there was a locked gate, but this gate was loaded with barbed wire. There was no way to walk down to this gorgeous beach.


Do you see the palm trees on the left?

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