Friday, October 28, 2005

Mr. Datastorm's new D3 Controller may have blown itself to pieces!
Well, perhaps blown itself to pieces is a bit of a stretch of our imagination. But, the D3 seems to be completely locked up. It is very likely, that this will be our last post until a new D3 controller is received late Monday afternoon.

I've missed very few daily posts since beginning to travel with MsTioga in May, 2003. However, I am planning to write about what happens in the few days between now and next Monday, and will publish those happenings when I am back online again.

Bye for now,
MsTioga and The Team

Follow-up to the above post.
Early Saturday morning, Mr. Datastorm used an untried method to find his Space Station uplink. And guess what?! It worked!! Wow! So, we are publishing below what happened on Friday, October 28.

Trying to get Mr. Datastorm working again.
We have not given up on our Mr. Datastorm, since it is not clear what is wrong. All that we know is, that last nite Mr. Datastorm had a big problem when we tried to upload the newest software version for his new D3 controller. After that upload, nothing would work and Mr. Datastorm's dish had to be lowered by hand. Of course Mr. Datastorm was very upset, and even this morning his little blue lights will not work properly. When Ben the lead technician at Motosat comes to work he will give us a call and we will find out if anything can be done today.

10AM - Motosat recommended going to visit a Datastorm dealer.
We made an appointment to see a Datastorm dealer in the City of Anaheim. However, on the way down there, Mr. Datastorm's system must have gotten a little bit better. When we arrived at the Datastorm dealer, we found that the dish is now able to move again, but cannot find the space station. We decided not to try and work on Mr. Datastorm until Monday.  The replacement D3 Datastorm controller will be received at Cousin Jacky's home on Monday.

Wow! It is hard not to be able to share with you what we are doing, as we do it. At least we can make these pages that we are writing now, and publish them to share with you when we are again online.  Man-O-Man!!

1PM - Wireless router not working.
You are not going to believe it, but the new Linksys wireless rounter stopped working. We thought that the problem was with Ms. GQ our laptop.  But when we took Ms. GQ into Fry's to get checked out, Ms. GQ tuned into Fry's wireless network. We phoned Linksys for support, and somehow over the phone they got the router to work. There is soooooo much to learn about this new equipment. Everything has its own address, and we do not know what those addresses are or how to use them yet. A real challenge!

4PM - Day Camped in the City of Orange.
We found a small park in Orange, and made a Day Camp. We will likely eat supper here and stay until early evening, then find a Nite Camp close by.


MsTioga and George without Mr. Datastorm up and on the Space Station!!

10PM - Leaving Olive Park.
Olive Park had 10PM closing signs, so we headed south a short ways and found our Nite Camp across from an industrial plant. It's sort of quiet here.

A Team Member is sick.
Yes, and that Team Member is George. I do not remember ever being sick since I began traveling in MsTioga. It's a tummy problem and I hope it goes away fast. I never feel good when I am sick!


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