Saturday, October 29, 2005

Mr. Datastorm and The Team are sooooo happy to be online again!
Would you like to hear what happened? Hmmmmm? You do? OK, then!

When Mr. Datastorm looks for his Space Station, he must be configured to use a DirecWay modem. However, there is another configuration option available, called Generic Modem. We tried using this Generic Modem in order to tune into our DirecTV satellite and watch TV. To our surprise, this Generic Modem worked. This morning Mr. Datastorm tried using Generic Modem to find our internet Space Station uplink which is called AMC9 83W. Guess what happened?! Mr. Datastorm's antenna went directly to AMC9 83W and we were online. You should have seen everybody on The Team cheering when Mr. Chips tried finding Google, and the Google page came up!!

Wow! We are soooooo happy to be connected to you again and to be able to share with you again!!

Going to visit a friend this morning.
At 10 AM, we have a date to visit David Diamond and his wife Marlyne. They live in the City of Newport Beach. David is George's oldest friend.

4PM - Wonderful visit.
It is a terrific thing to have friends that go back to the beginning of my life. David Diamond is one of those friends. We had a fantastic time sharing. David and I were born less than one week apart, and we will both be 68 toward the end of November. When we were infants, our mothers were best friends and strolled the main street in City Terrace (Los Angeles) pushing our baby carriages.



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