Saturday, October 01, 2005

New stuff!
A new MsTioga Magazine story was published this morning. It is about a fantastic product that recently began being used onboard MsTioga called "Caig ProGold Connector Enhancer."

ProGold has sooooo much improved our computer and Datastorm performance. Keeps battery bank connections corrosion free and shiny brite! Thanks to readers Mike and Royal for turning me on to this remarkable Caig product!
Caig ProGold Connector Enhnacer

2PM - Introducing Ms. GQ our new notebook computer!
Ms. GQ (Good Quality) was sold to us by Fry's Electronics. Would you like to see a pic of our Ms. GQ notebook computer? Hmmmm?


Ms. GQ sitting on the table built especially for her!

Reason for cancelling Dell notebook.
I was VERY surprised to have an extremely bad experience ordering a computer from Dell. I will not go into details except to relate that I spent about five hours during the past two days to correct errors in my order placed on the phone. This morning, I received an email from reader Steve, who cautioned that Dell's after sale support may be as bad as the sales support that I received.

My son David suggested that I go over to Fry's Electronics in Concord and see what they offered. Ms. GQ's specs were the same as the Dell, and also included a 3 year service contract for less money. So, we are cancelling the Dell.


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