Monday, November 28, 2005

5:30AM - Hot shower.
Hot showers are wonderful. When taking a hot shower somewhere out where it is gorgeous, somehow it is more than wonderful. It is spectacular!

First MsTioga's forced air heater was turned on to help Mr. Wave6 get the room temp up. We cranked up the water heater and in no time at all, everything was perfect. Man-O-Man. That shower sure felt great!

6:30AM - Flowers.
Although we have not written about flowers for a long time, we still are out there looking at them. Here on this desert beach, the flowers are soooooo small. Really easy to miss. We have to get down close to see them.

Mr. Mavica found a really lovely flower. Less than 3/8 inch diameter. Would you like to see some? Hmmmmm?


9AM - El Rosario.
El Rosario is the home of famous Mama Espinosa's restaurant. This restaurant has been there for years, and we have stopped there a few times for meals. We are not stopping today.

There is no Pemex after El Rosario until close to Guerrero Negro, about 180 miles across the desert. We filled up with gasoline and also filled our fresh water tank at this Pemex. We were surprised to see a Visa/Mastercard sign over the cashier's window.

The propane company was out of gas until the afternoon. We have nearly a full tank of propane, so we are in good shape.

10AM - We are Camped on the desert.
The Team is not positive about holding our goal of 30 miles per day while crossing the desert between El Rosario Guerrero Negro. But we are Camped in the desert for now to see how it goes.

Our Camp is not visible from Highway No1. There are tracks of burros or small horses with shoes around our Camp. Cirios trees are growing close. There are also tiny flies which are extremely friendly.  There is probably a rancho farther up the dirt road.  A pickup truck drove by with two men.  The truck did not stop.


Our first desert Camp.

12 Noon - The baby flies are masters of our Camp.
Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George went for a hike up the hill to take a pic of the Boojum Trees (Cirios). All the while hiking, we were stalked by the baby flies that are sooooo numerous here. Even using Deep Woods Off! did not help. Wow!

If we stay at this Camp, we will be restricted to inside MsTioga. No exploring! Man-O-Man! Below is a pic of a few Boojum trees on the hill above our Camp.  Even for the 10 seconds for Mr. Mavica’s timer to go off would the flies let loose!  Do you see my hand brushing them away?


3:30PM - A walk up the valley.
Mr. Mavica and George went for a walk up the dirt road and deeper into the valley. We were looking for the rancho which we did not find. After about 1/2 mile, we could barely see MsTioga, so we turned back. MsTioga does not like to be left alone, and we feel uncomfortable about that too.

It seems that the baby flies must have tired themselves out, because very few were flying about bothering us. Mr. Mavica liked a cactus that was growing near our Camp. We cannot remember the name of this cactus, but we had a breakfast last year which included it.

A few readers emailed us that this is Nopal or Prickly Pear Cactus and that the breakfast made from these cactus is called "nopalitos."


George stands with the breakfast cactus.



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