Thursday, November 24, 2005

5AM - Ejido Ajusco Camp report.
We were undisturbed at this Camp thruout the nite. We arrived at Ejido Ajusco at noon yesterday.   We will leave this morning.  There have been no problems camping here absolutely free! We did ask permission to make our Camp. Our feeling is that asking permission is the proper thing to do here in Mexico.

The word "ejido" is interesting. There are many towns that we pass that are also preceded with this word "Ejido." There is no ejido in our Spanish-English dictionary. I met a fellow here in Ejido Ajusco who told me that this word means farm.

The outside temperature right now is 43° F. Inside MsTioga it is a comfortable 70° F.  Mr. Wave6, our catalytic heater, was left on low all nite and continues to comfort us right now!

7:30AM - Breakfast Camped north of the Town of San Vicente.
We came to the crest of an 850 foot hill overlooking the Town of San Vicente, perhaps 10 miles south. The view is incredible, with several rows of blue and grey mountains behind the town.  Mr. Mavica says that this gorgeous scene is too subtle for him to get a decent pic.

9:30AM - Cleaning MsTioga.
While still up on the hill north of the Town of San Vicente, we decided to clean MsTioga. MsTioga is too much work to entirely clean. We clean her in sections, and today we are doing her front including the cabover, hood, grill and both doors.


George showing some of our outside cleaning tools.

12 Noon - We are in the Town of San Vicente.
This is a good day to arrive in San Vicente. There is a mercado [market] in the park every Thursday and Sunday. All sorts of stuff are sold from the stalls along the main street [Hwy #1] and the street around the corner. We need some produce, and there was a very nicely arranged produce stall.


We bought bananas, apples, pears, cilantro and a red onion.

What to bring to Mexico?
Sometimes readers email wanting to know what to bring when RVing into Mexico. All you need is money! It would be a real adventure to RV into Mexico with nothing but the clothes that you are wearing. You would have to shop for everything from underwear to eggs. What a trip that would be!

I never stock up with supplies in preparation for Mexico. If there are things that I do not find, I substitute. For example, I like a certain kind of sausage for breakfast, and when I cannot find this sausage in a Mexican grocery, I substitute ham.

2PM - Playing in the park.
I went to the park with Mr. Mavica and Mr. Trek. Some boys were playing flys-up, the baseball game. They were missing a player so I volunteered to be the catcher. Afterwards, the boys showed me a game they called "tasos." When you buy corn chips, you get a round painted coin-like thing called a taso. The kids match for the tasos. When I was a boy, we used to do the same thing with milk bottle caps.


Playing tasos in the park.

5PM - Moved to south San Vicente.
We may want to stay up late celebrating Thanksgiving Day, and that might mean running Mr. Onan. We moved to a part of town with a park on one side of the street and a vacant lot on the other. We do not want to disturb anybody with Mr. Onan who is not one of those quiet generators.

Giving thanks on Thanksgiving Day.
We on the TiogaRV Team have a lot to be thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day. We are thankful that Mr. Datastorm is well and happy. And that MsTioga is running fine and dandy. Little Twee is growing more green leaves. We are thankful that old George feels great. We are thankful for all of the challenges that we have had during the past few months, because these challenges have made ever stronger our faith in our future. And our future seems as bright as we had ever dreamed it to be. We are thankful for you who share our story, because without you there would be no story.


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