Wednesday, November 30, 2005

6:30AM - Cleaning MsTioga at sunrise.
We were out washing the rear of MsTioga when the sun rose. MsTioga is clean all around now. Although it was only 40°F just before the sun came up, it still was warm enough for short pants while washing. Mr. DeLorme reports that we are Camped at an elevation of 2,200 feet, and it seems as though it would be colder here.

9AM - Shopping in Catavina.
We found Abarrotes Tonche (Tonche Grocery Store) in the Town of Catavina. We bought some bananas, Ruffles potato chips and three candy bars! We love candy bars and were sooooo happy to see them for sale.

Readers wonder about Highway No1.
Many readers have emailed about Hwy No1, wondering what the road looks like and if they will have problems with their RVs on this road.

We on The Team have found that the highway is a very well maintained two lane road, one lane in each direction. The shoulders are often non-existant, with a very quick drop off. Driving on this highway means not letting our attention stray. Special attention for times when vehicles are approaching is important to make sure the maximum clearance is maintained. The same when vehicles are passing us. Lanes on Hwy No1 are not overly wide. Hwy No1 is very lightly travelled making for us a very enjoyable driving experience.

We have seen the largest Class-As on Hwy No1. In the past we have spoken to drivers of large Class-As and have not ever heard of any problems driving along this highway.


Highway No1 in the Town of Catavina.

There are many vados along the highway. A vado is a low place in the road where water may be flowing. In the United States, a vado would have a bridge to take drivers over the low place. Here in Mexico, perhaps to save money building roads, vados are common. Signs along the road warn of the danger. Vado a 300 mts (Vado in 300 meters).

We have only seen one vado with water flowing, and that was today; just south of Catavina.


Here is a vado with a small stream flowing across the highway.

10AM - Made our Camp on a dry lake bed.
MsTioga has driven 42 miles today, pretty close to our daily goal. We found a dirt road off of Hwy No1 that led to a large dry lake called Laguna Chapala, and made our Camp here. This is the first time that anybody on The Team can remember making a Camp on a dry lake. We are about 1/2 mile away from the highway.


MsTioga on the Dry Lake!


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