Tuesday, November 29, 2005

6:30AM - Fantastic nite and glorious morning.
Last nite was so very clear! Venus looked large, more like a small moon of the earth than a planet of the sun.

We are at 982 feet in elevation, and with the clear nite the temperature fell to 29°F. The bedroom door was closed at bedtime and Mr. Wave6 brought inside and directed to heat up the steel door to our electrical panel. Mr. Wave6 set on low kept our bedroom temperature above 60°F all during the nite without having to turn on the noisy forced air furnace.

This morning the sun has risen all around us, but yet to dawn on MsTioga who is camped in a valley. The sky is very blue, no clouds. Small animals are looking for breakfast near MsTioga. We saw two quail birdies with their little top knots and a tiny rabbit out our window.

XM Satellite Radio.
Our tiny XM radio is working fantastic. No sign of any receiving problems as we go south in Mexico. In fact, XM works better for us in Mexico than in the states of Washington and Oregon. Perhaps the reason for this is that the XM satellite is low on the horizon in these northern states. Playing the XM uses very little electric power, and that is a very good thing for us during the evening hours when Mr. Sunny is running on batteries.

11AM - Made our Desert Camp No2.
We on The Team are getting to really like making our Camp on the desert. When the winds are calm, and we are undisturbed, it is fantastic! Our Camp is only partly visible from Hwy No1, which is about 1/4 mile away.

We have not explored yet.  There is some kind of monument on a low hill beside our Camp and Mr. Mavica wants to go there and take a pic.


Is this some kind of impressive property monument?


Our Desert No2 Camp.

3PM - The fragrance of leaves.
Wherever we walk, we are forever touching leaves and then smelling our fingers to know the fragrance. It is amazing how many times the fragrance we smell is sooooo familiar!

Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George went for a walk around our Desert Camp. Exploring with our fingers, our eyes, our nose and ears. The only sense that we do not use out there is taste. In the pic below, George rubs the leaf of a desert shrub. We know that we smelled this fragrance before, but where?


There is so much to do out in the desert.


4PM - Visiting fellow RVers.
During the morning, we saw two campers pull off and park near the highway, and decided to go over to them to say hi. We met a husband and wife from Germany, now touring Mexico. These two from Germany also felt safe camping out here on the desert.

On the way back to MsTioga, the sun had already set and the evening was beautiful.


Another spectacular day in the desert comes to an end.


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