Saturday, November 26, 2005

6AM - Camalu Camp report.
As you may imagine, since our free Nite Camp was on the property of La Cueva de Pirata hotel, we were undisturbed last nite. It was sooooo quiet for sleeping. Just before dawn, temperature outside was 55°F. Mr. Wave6, our catalytic heater, took a rest during the nite but he is up at our side now to warm things up.


A new day dawns in Camalu.

8:30AM - Filling our water tank in Camalu.
Our water tank is getting low. We do not drink from our water tank. The water from MsTioga's fresh water tank is only used for washing and bathing.

As we drove away from our Nite Camp, we were looking for a house with a hose bibb. We came upon such a house with a cigar store on the property. A lady with her young daughter were tending the store. We asked permission to fill our tank, and the lady showed us to the hose bibb. Afterwards, we gave her $12 pesos ($1.20US) for the water.

Getting cash from the ATM.
We pay for almost everything with pesos in Mexico. We hardly ever use our credit cards here, and the Pemex gas station do not accept them for payment.

In the town of Vicente Guerrero, there are two banks. We like the HSBC bank better than Banemex, but they both give good service.  We stopped at HSBC.

The banks in Mexico have very good security, especially for the ATMs. An ATM card must be inserted into a cardlock in order to enter the small ATM room. Nobody may enter the ATM room until we exit. The ATMs have English or Spanish instructions, very easy to use.  We got our pesos and a receipt which gave us our balance also in pesos.

10AM – Taking a nap in San Quintin.
Naps are very good things, and we take them often. As we entered the Town of San Quintin, we pulled off the main road. This Nap Camp is next to a huge soccer field. It is very quiet here.

2PM - Camped near the beach.
As we travelled south, the wind picked up from the west blowing clouds of sand across the highway. We did not want to make a Camp in that sandblasting wind, and continued south where our map showed a place where Highway #1 came close to the Ocean. We found a short dirt road which led to the beach, and made our Camp here.

The wind is still strong. However there is no sand blowing, because we are so close to the Ocean. Mr. Mavica could not stand up on TriPod in the wind, so he chose to take a pic from inside MsTioga.


View of our Camp near El Soccoro.

5PM - Zillion $dollar$ view.
With the end of the day, the winds calmed. It is a special gift to make a Camp at the Ocean. The sounds, the sights, the waves!


Ms. Planty Palm views the sunset.

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