Friday, November 25, 2005

6AM - San Vicente Camp report.
The Team made a free Camp in two different locations in the Town of San Vicente, and we were undisturbed. Isn't that something? A police car drove by MsTioga when we drove over to the sports field yesterday afternoon to watch soccer teams workout. But the police did not bother us.

This morning it is foggy and a cold 40°F outside. Again Mr. Wave6 kept working while set at low all nite and did a fine job keeping MsTioga inside at 70°F.

Why we use two different maps for our locations.
Our Datastorm map keeps track of our location during the day, and is updated by a convenient program that we run everytime we go online. However, this location changes as we move. When we make a Nite Camp, we want that map to be permanent, showing our Nite Camp's location for that date. For this purpose we use a Mapquest map, and enter the GPS (Global Positioning System) data manually. We call these Mapquest maps, "anchor map links" because the map is anchored to our Nite Camp location.

10AM - The Team is in the Town of Camalu.
Camulu is special for us because of La Cueva del Pirata Hotel [Pirate's Cave Hotel]. We Camped free on the hotel grounds last year. This hotel is a typical ongoing construction project. When we were here in 2004, the alberca (swimming pool) had a predicted completion of summer, 2005. The alberca is not complete, but a grand concrete staircase is complete!


Alberca construction and the gorgeous stairs at La Cueva del Pirata Hotel.

1PM - Camalu is a popular surfing place.
We met two groups of surfers here at La Cueva del Pirata. Both told us that this is a very good surf spot. "The rollers break really good off the point", one surfer told us.

From MsTioga's window we are able to see the surfers riding the waves.


Gorgeous view and surfing too.


Surfers walk out to the point below the Pirata hotel. [Thumbnail]


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