Sunday, November 27, 2005

7AM - Heading into the desert.
When we are in El Rosario today, MsTioga will fill up on gasoline at the Pemex station. There are no Pemex stations between El Rosario and the Town of Jesus Maria Villa, a distance of about 200 miles. We have seen guys in trucks selling gasoline from barrels at the intersection of the road to Bahia de Los Angeles, but with a fillup in El Rosario, we should be fine.

At a Team Meeting this morning, MsTioga suggested making a second Camp right here where we are near El Soccoro on the beach. MsTioga pointed out that if she holds to our 30 mile per day goal, that it will take about six days to get across the desert. "This is a very nice camp", MsTioga said. We are thinking about staying, but will probably move on.

El Socorro Camp Report.
It should be no surprise that we were undisturbed here at our lovely beach Camp near El Socorro. During the nite, the stars were sooooo bright, with no Moon to be seen. The temperature got down to 43°F just before dawn, but zoomed up several degrees as the Sun rose.

We have been making Camp Reports in order to show readers who wonder about making free camps in Mexico. Now after several days of making these free camps, this may be our last report. It is too easy to make free camps in Mexico.

Our finances are making a come back!
We want you to know that our finances which reached a low when we paid for our new Datastorm mount to be installed, are making a come back. Our advertising income from Google Ads is strong, and the donations from readers were strong as well.

We expect no maintenance expenses here in Mexico, and with our ad income remaining high for the next few months, we will be doing great.  Everybody on The Team thanks you for your support.

11AM - We are still Camped at El Socorro.
While MsTioga's left side was being cleaned this morning, several Team Members were talking about staying here at this lovely Camp until a least the middle of the afternoon. The wind has died down to a cool breeze. The sound of the waves is wonderful.


Our El Socorro Camp.

Harvesting rocks for a living.
Late yesterday afternoon, a truck drove by our Camp and headed for the beach. A little while later, it returned with a young man on the truck bed along with several bags. Today while on the beach, we found a bunch of bags filled with large rocks. The young man was employed as a rock harvester. Part of his job was to sort the rocks by color and size. Wow!

4PM - We are staying at this Camp.
The Team never knows for sure if they are staying or camping. It just happens. We found out that we are staying at this Camp another nite just a few minutes ago. Something about this place just grabbed us.


Looking northwest about 200 yards from our Camp.


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