Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mr. Datastorm is sooooo happy!
Mr. Chips turned on, went to visit with Mr. Datastorm, and guess what happened?! We were online in minutes. It is sooooo great for everything to be back to normal again. Wow!

We still want to go with the new Datastorm D3 controller. But the next time, we will let the professionals at Motosat install the new D3.  Our plan is to visit Motosat in Salt Lake City next spring when we explore the splendor of the State of Utah. Oh! Didn't we mention before that we plan to go to Utah next Spring? Hmmmmm?

7AM - Gorgeous day in Leisure World in the City of Laguna Woods.
Cousin Jacky lives in Laguna Woods, California within the Senior Community of Leisure World . This is a quiet place. Children do not live here, and no Halloween trick-or-treaters came by last nite.


George and MsTioga at Camp Jacky in Laguna Woods, California.

8AM - Found a coin laundry.
During our morning walk, we found a coin laundry only about 100 yards away from MsTioga. The clothes to be washed are really dirty from all of the maintenance things that have been going on over the past two weeks.

11AM - Heading south from Camp Jacky.
After putting away the laundry, and tidying up MsTioga, we drove over to Jacky's home across the road and filled MsTioga's fresh water tank. We also filled our drinking water jugs. We talked with Jacky about meeting in Santa Rosalia during the winter. Jacky would like a Santa Rosalia hotel to stay in that has a shower in her room, and definitely no roaches. Sounds really good to us!

1PM - Day Camped in the Town of Dana Point.
MsTioga drove down Moulton Parkway, because she prefers to take roads less travelled. Everybody else on The Team also likes the quiet roads best. We went grocery shopping on the way, and are now Day Camped a short distance from the Pacific Ocean.

It is amazing how we always seem to gravitate to the places where we made a Camp before. These places are magic or something, drawing us to them.

Updated our 2005 Trip Plan and TiogaRV Team Budget Information.
While updating our Trip Plan, I wrote about Santa Rosalia, my adopted hometown in Mexico. Why is Santa Rosalia so special for me? Why do I get happy just thinking about Santa Rosalia? Is it the people who live there? Is it the town itself? Is it the bakery? The taco stands selling fresh fish tacos? The steel church? Hmmmm?

Our budget slipped into the red this month. September and October were very high expense months for The Team, only exceeded when we bought two transmissions within six weeks in 2003. A great deal of money was spent on replacing MsTioga's cooling system.

We are hoping for very low expense months for the next several months, to balance the terrible September and October's expenses.

Click on [Home Link] at the bottom of this page to take you to these two reports.

5PM - Supper Camped in the City of Oceanside.
We are Supper Camped in the far quiet end of a WalMart parking lot in the City of Oceanside. This is a lovely warm evening. Palm trees are growing outside of MsTioga's window. A wonderfully happy Mr. Datastorm went up and found his space station with no problems at all. We are level. Nothing is broken.  Can it get any better than this? Hmmmm?


George and MsTioga talk about the lovely evening.

10PM - Our Nite Camp.
Do you remember that several weeks ago we bought a used Solar Boost battery charge controller? The controller arrived damaged during shipment. We shipped the controller to the manufacturer whose name is "Blue Sky Energy" for repairs. We are Nite Camped very close to Blue Sky Energy in the Town of Vista, California. In the morning we will pick up our repaired Solar Boost controller.

This Nite Camp is in an industrial area. It is very quiet here, and we on The Team love that, because it is sooooo good for sleeping!


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