Monday, December 26, 2005

6:30AM - Chito needs help.
This morning I was on the roof of MsTioga, looking at the beginning of another beautiful day. Manuel (his nickname is Chito) came out of his yard and told me that he needed help with his electricity.

When I took a look at the problem, I saw a fuse block that had gone bad. It needed replacement. I offered to get a new fuse block when the stores in El Centro opened and install it. I told Chito that the fuse block would be a gift from me to him, to say thank you for all of his help. Chito accepted.

For me to be able to help Chito, is a wonderful thing. A miracle! Helping Chito brings me into his family, and strengthens our friendship. I am soooo grateful for this opportunity.

10AM - Electric repair job complete!
Around 8AM, I walked down to Ayala Electric, a store that I had browsed before that appeared to have a ton of electric supplies for sale. This store is on the main street in El Centro. Ayala told me that they did not sell the old type of fuse block that I wanted to replace. This kind uses the screw-in type of fuses that were used years ago. They sell the breaker type electric protection now, and had that in stock for me.

I expected that a 30 amp breaker and box would cost about $30US, but was surprised when the total came to only $10US. Would you take a look at the pics below, and let me know what this stuff costs in the USA?

The installation was pretty easy, since I carry onboard MsTioga all the electric tools, wire, connectors, etc., necessary. When I went to ground the switch box, I found that Chito's entire electric system is completely ungrounded!

SwitchOld12-26-2005Copy SwitchInside12-26-2005Copy SwitchNew12-26-2005Copy

Old switch, inside new switch, new switch with cover.


11AM - Electric job needs more work!
Just after I completed that electric work at Chito's house, I received this email.

On 26 Dec 2005 at 13:12, topcat2005 wrote:
Hi George,
Nice of you to replace the broken fuse box at Chito's house and a nice looking job, BUT I'll bet you hear from some electricians about not replacing that plug in with it's exposed wires........... remember that's not 12 volt stuff you're working on.
Chris from Indiana

Thank you Chris for writing. I did not recognize the terrible danger, until you wrote. I am off now to fix up the exposed wiring with a new duplex and box enclosure.

2PM - I am so lucky!
When I went back to Chito's and removed the electric outlet with the exposed wiring and reconnected into the new circuit breaker, there was a dead short!! In checking out the circuits, I found that the original circuit was actually a wired into a dead short.

This dead short had apparently been wired in years ago, from the look of the things. Everything worked because there was corrosion on some wires preventing the short. When I removed the outlet with the exposed wiring and reconnected, the short circuit was made. Now everything is working fine, and somewhat safe.

This old house of Chito's should have a completely new electrical system installed. Probably won't happen because Chito likely does not have the money for such a project.

Mr. Levelers' broken jack.
Remember that Mr. Levelers' right rear jack broke a few days ago? We did not have the right size Allen hex key to find out what went wrong. This morning we bought the key, and found out that the large special bronze nut had stripped out.

We sent an email to the Power Plus factory, manufacturers of our leveling jacks, asking if they would ship this nut to us in Mexico. We hope that they will ship here. Otherwise, Mr. Levelers will be crippled until we return to the USA next spring!


Broken bronze nut from our leveling jack.

5PM - Cleaning and storing Mr. Levelers' Jack.
Since the jack broke, it has been resting on the floor near MsTioga's entrance. Ugly and dirty, we kept it on newspapers to keep from spreading dirt to the carpet. This afternoon we degreased it all over with paint thinner, and cleaned it off. We made a place for the jack in front of MsTioga's passenger seat, and protected the seat with newspapers. Now the jack is out of the way and the inside of MsTioga is looking good again.


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