Tuesday, December 27, 2005

7AM - Sunrise from the water tank.
Every morning Mr. Mavica, TriPod and George go up on the water tank to look at the sun come over the Bahia of Santa Rosalia. After awhile, Chito comes out and waters the plants in his garden. It is like this every morning.

After we had come down from the water tank, MsTioga wondered if some time could be spent this morning giving her a little outside cleaning. Even though we are not driving much lately, cleaning must be done. We have found that a clean MsTioga is a happy MsTioga. We also cleaned Mr. Sunny's solar panels up on the roof. We are up on the roof a couple times each day, just to check on Twee who lives there now. Twee is doing fine, by the way.

Some readers have wondered what Mr. Mavica looks like. Do you see Mr. Mavica's and TriPod's shadow?


Making MsTioga happy and clean.

The map of the Amelia mine.
This morning we cranked up Mr. Chips, our desktop computer. Mr. Chips has an HP scanner. We used the scanner to get a copy of a 1912 map of the famous Amelia mine. You remember that the Amelia was where most of the fabulous Cumengite crystals were found.

After we had a copy of the Amelia mine map, we uploaded to our website in order to be able to share with you. Many readers have wondered about the location of the Amelia mine. You may find the Amelia at the beginning of the Arroyo de Soledad on the map's right side.

If you look at the bottom of the map, you will find the Bahia y Puerto de Santa Rosalia (Bay and Port of Santa Rosalia). The port is the little enclosed place in the center of the bahia. On this map, our Hill Top Camp would be about 1/4 inch above and to the right of the port.


Amelia Mine in the upper right of the 1912 map.

Map notes:
Ferrocarril = Railroad
Los partes oscuras indican los arroyos = The dark areas indicate the arroyos.

Mineralogical Record, Jan-Feb 1998, Volume 29, Number 1.

Favorite places to shop.
Finding the best places to shop in Santa Rosalia is not easy. There are a zillion little stores, and once I find one that is great, sometimes finding it again is a challenge. That's how it was when I first found Super Mercado Cachania, which was not until I had been living in Santa Rosalia for a few weeks. Mercado Cachania (pronounced Cah-cha-NI-ah) is on a street that runs parallel to the main street thru town, and two streets over. It is hard to find. But once inside, you will see a very clean and well stocked meat department. Pretty nice produce. And, the most important thing of all, is that Cachania's sells Nestle's Chocolate Chips for making cookies!! The only store in town that sells chocolate chips!

You probably will not be surprised to learn that another one of my favorite places to shop is a candy store called Dulceria Mickey. I believe that I've mentioned Dulceria Mickey before. This store is located across from Santa Barbara Church, at the foot of the hill leading to our Camp. Dulceria Mickey sells two of my favorites. Hershey's Nuggets and Rocky Road candy bars. I bought both on the shopping trip today!

MercadoCachania12-27-2005Copy DulceriaMickey12-27-2005Copy

Super Mercado Cachania and Dulceria Mickey.


4PM - Making friends with Lassie.
Chito's family has a big watch dog named Lassie. What a huge bark Lassie has!! I got a hint that Lassie was all bark and no bite when I was up on the water tank a couple of early morning's ago. Lassie was barking but the tail was going fulltime.

This afternoon I decided to make friends with Lassie. It was really easy, because Lassie is really a pussy cat. But while I was playing with Lassie, I found out that this big and friendly dog was clearly a boy dog, and not a Lassie dog!

When Mr. Mavica took the pic of Lassie and me, Victor and his sister Alejandra wanted their pics taken too.

Lassie12-27-2005Copy VictorAllejandra12-27-2005Copy

Lassie and George. Victor and Alejandra. In Chito's backyard.



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