Thursday, December 29, 2005

7AM - Walk to the port.
Yesterday we saw that the gate to walk to the sea side of the port was open for walkers. This morning we went down the hill to take a peek at the far side of the port. Some people come out here to jog, some to just walk, and some to fish.

Mr. Mavica wants to do panoramas, but we have no way to line them up. The pic below is our best try. We are standing on the middle portion of the seawall looking across the port to the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia.

Note: Mr. Mavica's panorama pic was reworked by our friend Mike, a photojournalist who lives in Portland, Oregon. Thank you, Mike!


Mr. Mavica tries a panorama of Santa Rosalia from the port.

A fisherman named Clemente walked up with a 5 gallon bucket and began to prepare to fish. Clemente had no fishing pole, he fished by just casting his weighted line out into the sea like a sling shot. Clemente said that there are very few fish to be caught at this time of year, but he still tries.


Clemente slings his line.

Is it warm or cold?
Very often as I am walking around the Pueblo early in the morning in a T-shirt and short pants, people will ask, "Are you cold?" Early in the morning everybody else is dressed warmly, many with jackets and always long pants. I wonder if I would be melting in the summer here, and everybody else would be doing fine?

11AM - Spanish progress is confusing?
Everyday I seem to be making good progress in speaking Spanish. However, I am making hardly any progress at all understanding Spanish spoken to me.

Have you learned a foreign language? What was your experience?

1PM - The Garden.
This morning we borrowed a rake from Chito, and cleared the dry leaves off of our garden. Nearly all of the branches with espinas (thorns) have been cleared from our garden.

Everything from our garden is wonderful. The sounds of people talking and laughing in the homes below. The roosters crowing all day long. I thought that roosters only crowed at sunrise, but these roosters in my neighborhood crow 24 hours a day. The Sea of Cortez is soooooo blue. A deep blue.


It is very easy to nap when sitting in our garden.


The beginnings of our garden walk.

4PM - Travel Information.
My cousin Jacky is coming to visit the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia in January. She is getting a ride here and would like to fly back home. I went to the Ferry Building to get travel information. The ferry building has the bus station and the airplane ticket office.

For about $85US you may fly across the Sea of Cortez to Guaymas. The flight includes an hour trip to the airport in Palo Verde, south of here. From Guaymas, there are flights to the US.

If Jacky would take the bus to Tijuana, it would cost $81US and be a 14 hour trip.

Evening from our garden.
Mr. Mavica does not believe that he is able to capture the feeling of being in our garden at evening time. But he wanted to try.


Wish you were here.


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