Saturday, December 31, 2005

8AM - The Shopping Cart.
I'd been asking about buying a shopping cart all over El Centro. In fact, before I knew Chito, I tried to buy a shopping cart at the auto parts/hardware store where he works. There were no shopping carts for sale. Yesterday when I returning the rake and shovel that Chito loaned to me for the garden, I spotted a shopping cart alongside the fence. It had a bent wheel and two missing handle screws, so that the handle just flopped around.

This morning I asked Chito permission to fix the cart, and also to use it from time to time. Now when I go to the lavanderia (laundromat), I do not have to drive MsTioga!


The Shopping Cart, repaired and ready to go shopping!

11AM - Planting Bougainvillea.
Do you remember that Mr. Mavica took a pic of the red flowers growing at La Casita yesterday? This morning we read an email from reader Ernie Murphy (See Readers Write) who ID'd these flowers as Bougainvillea. We found out that Bougainvillea may be propagated, so we took some cuttings and planted them in our garden. Wheat that was brought from a field in the State of Washington, is going to be planted here also. We are planting anything that will grow.

The soil in our garden is soooooo dry, you would not believe. It takes forever for the ground to soak some water. In the pic below, water was put in the little holes over an hour ago, and still stands.

Everybody on The Team has remarked how there are no spiders here. Well, today I found one on my short pants! A big brown one with a puffy pouch in the rear. The kind that we do not like to see. Especially close up!


Bougainvillea and Washington wheat section of our garden.

How much do I like it here at my Camp.
If you have not guessed it by the words in my writing, I will confess that I absolutely love it here at my Hilltop Camp. Take today, for example. There is a cacophony of music drifting up from the neighborhood below. It is Mexican ballad music. I also love the sounds that come up with the music. A man is driving nails, building something in his home. A dog barks. The roosters crow. I hear a woman laughing. Looking out MsTioga's window as I am typing, I see homes below, many with laundry drying on clotheslines. The Tres Virgenes mountains in the distance. The blue sea closer.

New Year's Eve.
Mr. Mavica does not get tired of taking pics looking at the view from our garden. May you enjoy your best year yet, in 2006.


New Year's Eve, 2006.


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