Friday, December 30, 2005

Staying close to MsTioga.
Early this morning I got a little tummy problem. Staying close to MsTioga until this problem goes away is important in case I have an emergency. It would be a very bad thing to have an emergency while walking around El Centro. I never feel good when I am sick!

7AM - Working on the garden.
Our garden is starting to take shape. So far the only thing planted in the garden are rocks and old red bricks. We made a little wall next to our sitting place of the the old red bricks that were lying or buried in our garden.


Red brick garden wall.

Reader Dave writes.
On 30 Dec 2005 at 9:06, D. Jones wrote:
George, you're not being very stealthy down there in Mexico! I hope your neighbors (hosts) don't mind you trimming their trees, clearing their brush and planting on their property.
Dave Jones

Wow! Reader Dave is sooooo right. It had not occurred to me how different things are for The Team in Mexico, and especially here in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia.

In the USA when I stayed in neighborhoods, it was only for a very limited time. I did not want to impact the people living in USA neighborhoods, and so I adopted my stealth way of RVing. However lately, things are so different. Reader Dave picked that up. I am not only accepted in this Santa Rosalia neighborhood, but welcomed!

I have not mentioned that La Policia do drive by MsTioga every nite, during the early morning, maybe around 3AM. They never stop and knock on my door. In fact the only policeman to knock happened during my first days at the lower camp. His name was Angel, remember? And Angel told me that he had no problema with me staying in MsTioga.

I cannot put my finger on how the people of Santa Rosalia feel about me yet. But maybe I am welcomed because of their "live and let live" way of life. Hmmmm?

2PM - La Casita's Plants.
La Casita, the little abandoned house near us, has some lovely red flowers growing. Maybe something else is growing there? Mr. Mavica and I walked over and took a pic of the unidentifed red flowers.


Can this plant be propagated?

La Casita also has some cactus growing. Mr. Mavica took a pic of these cactus, and we both wondered how well this cactus would grow in our garden?


Can these cactus be transplanted?

2:30PM - Our garden's first plants.
A place was picked for our transplanted cactus. Holes were dug right next to the entrance path to the garden, and then the holes filled with water. These cactus have got to do better in our garden, than at La Casita's garden. At our garden is water.


Three cactus planted. Our garden has life.

A little early history of the copper mine.
My friend Poncho who lives down the hill, loaned me a book about the Boleo copper district. In this book is an account of the copper discovery.

The Boleo copper deposits were discovered in 1868 by Jos� Rosa Villavicencio, owner of the Santa Agueda ranch, 12 kilometers southwest of Santa Rosalia. This rancher noticed a number of blue and green nodules in Arroyo del Purgatorio. These nodules are called boleos in Spanish, and provided the name of the copper district.

Se�or Villavicencio took some of the boleos, out of curiousity, to Guaymas, Sonora, where they were recognized to consist of high-grade copper ore. Se�ores G. Blumhardt and Julio Muller, residents Guaymas, are said to have purchased Se�ior Villavicencio's rights to his discovery for 16 pesos.

During 1874, only six years after the initial boleo discovery, 6,000 tons of ore with a value of 480,000 pesos in Europe had been extracted.

10PM - Baked chocolate chip cookies.
My appetite has returned. And I am no longer sick! So, I made a nice batch of chocolate chip cookies. Love those cookies!!


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