Friday, January 27, 2006

3AM - Income Tax.
Late last evening I was reading the news online, when an ad caught my attention for electronic filing of income tax. I had been wondering how I was going to file, because my plan was to start back north during April. Perhaps I would arrive in the USA too late to file?

So I clicked on this ad, and the next thing I knew I was downloading stuff for e-filing. Now, it is four hours later. 3AM, and I just finished filing my electronic returns with TaxACT. Paid the tax online too. Cost me about 75 bucks including the tax that I owed. But it is all finished! Federal and state returns. And it was sooooo easy. Just took a lot of time, more than I thought it would take.

I am amazed that I've earned enough from Google AdSense to have to pay some income tax!

8AM - The park benches.
Mr. Mavica took pics that he promised you of the two park benches that were constructed yesterday evening. Mr. Mavica found that the day is overcast. Interestingly, our weather forecast link shows clear. Hmmmm?

ParkBenchB01-27-2005Copy ParkBenchA01-27-2005Copy

The benches in Parque Jorge.


1PM - Lunch with Raymundo.
Things are going really great, and Mr. Mavica and I decided to have lunch at a the Restaurante Muelle (Pier Restaurant) to celebrate. On the way to Muelle's, we ran into Raymundo. Do you remember him? Raymundo is the fellow who works for the Ayutamiento (local government) and wants to learn about making his own website. I invited Raymundo to lunch. We had a good time, and good food.

We made a date for Raymundo to come to MsTioga's to learn about websites. He will be here at 5PM today.

Raymundo01-27-2006Copy Marijuana01-27-2006Copy

Raymundo and Jorge at Muelle's. Do you see the bag on the wall?


6PM - Raymundo's first lesson.
Do you remember when you first met Raymundo a few weeks ago? Raymundo wants to learn how to make webpages, and I have volunteered to teach him how to do it. This evening, he learned how to make a webpage, and upload the page to the net. He learned some simple tasks, such as making words in intalics and underlined.

I printed out for him to take home, a list of HTML tags. We plan to meet in the pueblo's library next Monday, for another lesson. The library has about 20 computers.


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