Wednesday, January 25, 2006

5AM - Working on MsTioga Magazine again.
My friend Terry of Camping Journal fame sent me an email about her reworked webpages. I loved these changes sooooo much that I was encouraged to rework MsTioga Magazine.

I am guessing that these changes to MsTioga Magazine made reading about all of the stories much easier to understand. That must be the reason that my Google AdSense income shot up thru the roof yesterday!

10AM - Plumbing or cactus pics?
Mr. Mavica thanks readers who emailed wanting him to take pics of the completed plumbing projects. Mr. Mavica claims that although he would rather take pics of our garden, he understands those who are interested in plumbing.

Below are pics of the fregedero (kitchen sink) and lavabo (bathroom sink) plumbing and our newly planted (just this morning) Senita Cactus.

Fregedero-01-25-2006Copy Lavabo01-25-2006Copy SenitaCactis01-25-2006Copy

11AM - Our Park.
A few days ago, Mr. Mavica promised you a pic of our park. You may have to use a lot of imagination to see a park here. Our plan is to clear out the brush so that we may sit beneath the trees. Lots of those cut down thorn bushes have been trashed here, so the park will be a work-in-progress for awhile.

On the right side of this pic is a pile of discarded wood and an old stove. Chito who dumped this stuff there is working to clear it out. Chito also has helped with the park, by cutting down the evil thorn bushes with his machete.


Our park.

4PM - A nice conversation with Alty.
All of the family took off down the hill in Chito's car. Only Alty, Chito's wife stayed in the house. Alty called out to me, and I stood in her kitchen door while she cooked supper and we talked.

Alty told me that she worked for many years as an employee in this very house. Her employers were a husband and wife. Alty lived in a small room between the kitchen and the garage. Her job was to prepare meals, do the shopping and keep the house clean. Alty began working here when she was very young, only 12 years old. Many years later, the wife died. The husband lived into his 90s, and died in his home country of France. The lovely home on the hilltop over looking Mesa Francia, was given to Alty as a gift. A thank you for her many years of service.

This is the second time that I heard of employees being given homes as gifts by their employer. My friend Poncho who also lives on this hill, was given his home by his employer.

5:30PM - Chito and his machete.
When Chito came home from work, I was in the garden. Chito saw that I was trying to clear out weeds with my tree trimmer. Hard to do. A few hours later, Chito came over with his machete, and cleared out in only a few minutes a bunch of these weeds and some terrible Junco plants that have the thorns. The garden is moving right along!


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