Tuesday, January 24, 2006

6AM - Working on MsTioga Magazine.
We have published so many stories in MsTioga Magazine. Do our readers find it difficult to understand what is there for them?

For the past few days we have been adding small descriptions about each story. We have not finished yet. Maybe you would like to take a peek? Are the little descriptions good for you?
MsTioga Magazine

9AM - The kitchen sink plumbing.
Do you get the feeling that I enjoy fixing things at Chito's place? I do! I love to fix stuff. During the few years that I worked as a cabinetmaker, I volunteered to fix busted cabinets that came into the shop.

This morning I'm going to work on the drain in Chito's kitchen sink. Chito has tried to patch things together. My way is just to replace the plastic drain pipes. These pipes are pretty cheap. And it is easier to replace than repair old pipes, don't you think?

4PM - Plumbing job complete!
Together with buying the plumbing parts, shopping at a few mercados for groceries, and installing the plumbing; it took about three hours to finish this job. I never was a very fast worker.

Mr. Mavica took a pic of the completed plumbing job, but he refused to publish the pic because he said that it was Too ugly. Can you imagine that?! Instead Mr. Mavica published a pic of our copper rock collection. What could we do?!


6PM - Winter strikes with a vengence!
Mr. Wave6, our valiant catalytic heater has been working hard for the last few nites. The temperature at nite has plunged to just above 50°F. Right now it is 55°F, still OK for T-shirt and short pants if I do not stay outside for long.

In the pic below, I am standing in front of the Pueblo's water tank a few feet from MsTioga.


Slightly cooler evenings here in the Pueblo.



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