Saturday, January 28, 2006

8AM - MsTioga wants to go for a drive.
MsTioga's propane is getting a bit low, so she wants to drive out to the Gaspasa propane place north of the Pueblo today. Mr. Wave6, our noble little catalytic heater has been working hard lately, keeping The Team warm at nite. When Mr. Wave6 works often, the propane level goes down pretty fast. Temperature outside last nite reached a low of 51°F. Mr. Wave6 stayed on all nite and even in the early morning.

It is almost laundry time again. So MsTioga may make a visit to the Lavanderia Amalia (laundry) while we are out in the Pueblo.

11PM - Shopping in El Centro.
Since MsTioga was in El Centro, she suggested that we do some shopping for the heavy stuff. That seemed like a good idea. We bought a large bottle of apple juice at Mini Super Moreno, and filled up with drinking water at the Aqua Purificada store.


The Aqua Purificada Store.

12 Noon - Gaspasa Propane.
We pulled into the Gaspasa place, and one of our readers walked up and introduced himself. His name is Don Hoey, a Canadian from British Columbia. Don has been following our Adventures for a couple of years. Don said that he recognized MsTioga by her Tiro Williams Mine mural. The Team is always soooo happy when we meet one of our readers.


Reader Don Hoey at the Gaspasa.

1PM - The Cactus Search.
We went a bit north of the Gaspasa place, and pulled off where a bunch of cactus are growing. We made a Day Camp here. One of the cactus that we really want to grow, is the Saguaro. But they are so big. So, we cut off a couple of small pieces to propagate.

You probably are going to think that a big mistake was made, because we are bringing home a Cholla Cactus. Those are Jumping Cactus, the ones that stick like crazy. We found one Cholla that had a bird's nest! Wow! What a smart bird. What animal would stick its nose in there.

Cholla01-28-2006Copy ChollaBirdsNest01-28-2006Copy

George about to harvest a piece of Cholla Cactus. Bird's nest inside this Cholla.


3PM - San Lucas RV Park.
We are heading to the dump station south of the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia. It is in the San Lucas RV Park. We've gone there three or four times. Since MsTioga is out on the road today, we are going there to empty our holding tanks.

We do not know if the dump station is free or not. Never found anybody at the park who worked there. Maybe we will find somebody this time.

4PM - Pemex Gas Station.
Remember a few weeks ago we told you that we would no longer be concerned about the Pemex cheating us? Well, apparently we must have thought that one thru again, because MsTioga is carrying our 25 liter gas can today. On the way back from San Lucas RV Park, we stopped at the Pemex, and filled the can. The price on the pump when the 25 liter can was filled showed $172 pesos. The quantity on the pump was 27.8 liter. Hmmmmm?

However, when we punched in the numbers on our calculator, the price was different. Wow! We were sooooooo surprised! The price for the gas is $6.21 pesos per liter. So 25 liters should be $155 pesos. The attendant told me that I would have to speak to the manager.

I carried the filled gas can into the manager's office, and showed him that the mark on the can was 25 liters, and showed him the calculator was $155 pesos. And that is what we paid. Not one bit of an argument.

When the gas from our can was emptied into MsTioga's tank, the gas meter moved just about the same amount as it moved last time. About 1/4 tank. However last time, we paid $500 pesos, instead of $155 pesos. So the Pemex is still way ahead of us.

Larry at the gym.
Larry is the American who owns a gym here in the Pueblo. He is going to San Diego in about a week, and pick up the two bronze nuts that we ordered for Mr. Levelers' broken jack. Larry has been doing this pickup service for years, bringing back stuff from the USA that people need.

Today I ordered 12 lbs of real butter from Larry. Also, a case of Beef Rice-A-Roni. Cannot wait until Larry comes back so that another batch of chocolate chip cookies may be baked. Cookies baked using the margarine sold in the Pueblo does not cut it..

5PM - Lavanderia Amalia.
We are letting the lady at the Lavanderia do our laundry. This is the first time since we have been fulltimers, that we have not done are own laundry. We had a lot to do today, and so this will save us a little bit of time.

6PM - Desert Gold.
We laid out our cactus harvest for you to see. The Cholla is on the left. The two pieces are Saguaro Cactus. Can you imagine how big these Saguaros will be, sometime in the future. Wow!


Cholla, Saguaro, and two Senitas Cactus.



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