Sunday, January 29, 2006

8AM - The Saguaro Cactus.
Dreams of propagating a Saguaro Cactus in my Hill Top garden are vanishing. It appears as though Saguaro is propagated only from seeds. My two small Saguaro plugs were in vain. I am still going to try with these plugs, because I am an incurable optimist.

Even if I could get a Saguaro to propagate, their rate of growth is only about 1” per year. Hmmmmm? I have much more respect for these giants now.

12 Noon - Is there shade in The Park?
Even at noon, there is still some shade in The Park's clearing. Each morning in addition to raking the entire Park, which includes The Garden, we pull some weeds and prune back a bit of the growing things. The plan is to prune back a bit more of the growth. We want to have more shade and have the shade last until later in the day.


Enjoying the park on a gorgeous Sunday in our Park.

Retiring on low income.
Some of us reach retirement, and find that our income is too low. Does that apply to you? Living in Mexico could be the solution to allow you to accumulate savings, even with low income.

According to my expense report, I have spent about $650 in each of the last two months. Staying at a nearby RV Campground, would add another $200/month. It seems that there are great opportunities here in Baja California, Mexico, for low income retirees.

12:30PM - Invited for lunch.
Chito came over to our Camp. He told me that he wanted me to come over to his home. As we walked over, he told me that I was invited for lunch. Wow!

In the kitchen, Alty was cooking fish for tacos. Man-O-Man! We all sat in the kitchen eating the tacos pescados (fish tacos) and talking about everything. We talked until 2PM! I feel so welcome at their home.

6PM - Discovering Whales.
We have been making plans to go see the whales at San Ignacio Lagoon. Just a few minutes ago, we emailed a reservation request to Ecoturismo Kuyimá, the company that conducts whale tours and a lot of other stuff from the Pueblo of San Ignacio. This is sooooo exciting!



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