Monday, January 30, 2006

9AM - A Gift for Alty's kitchen.
This morning I checked under Alty's kitchen sink to see if the drain was leaking. It is dry under the sink.

While in the kitchen, I saw a few cut plants in small plastic containers. There are no growing plants in the kitchen. I would like to buy a gift for Alty's kitchen. A planter with a nice growing green indoor plant. In the United States, this would be easy to find. However, here in Santa Rosalia, plants are not for sale. Ms. Planty Green came up with a suggestion. How about if she went to live in Alty’s kitchen?


Ms. Planty Green in her new home in Alty's kitchen.

Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking.
Have you read MsTioga Magazine's Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking? Boondocking in wild places is absolutely wonderful! Boondocking free is the best! Take a peek, OK?

Secrets of the Joys of Boondocking.

1PM - The Biblioteca (The Library).
The Biblioteca has a wonderful computer room. There are about 20 late model computers with XP operating systems. Nice programs with encyclopedias, music (rock and roll), sound systems. Hardly anybody uses this marvelous computer room.

I went to the Biblioteca to see if I could interest anybody in learning how to write HTML code so that they could make webpages. Although these computers are not connected to the internet yet, webpages can be made and these pages looked at with a browser. A couple of boys watched, while I wrote code putting pictures on a page, moving text around, etc. However, they were not interested enough to sit down and try to write some code themselves.

Kuyima Whale Watching. Tour.
An email was received from Kuyima. Remember that last nite we wrote and asked about going there to see the whales. Kuyima has a van to take people to the San Ignacio Lagoon. However, the price is for the van, not per person. The van costs $120 and I guess if one person goes, it is $120. If six people go, each pays $20 for the ride. This van/price thing is a deal breaker for me. I have written asking which day I may go to see the whales in a full van?

There are tortillas and then there are TORTILLAS!
I used to believe that all tortillas were the same. Boy! Was I wrong. I am crazy about Tortilleria Santa Agueda, whose tortillas are soft and moist and taste absolutely wonderful.

I will not mention other tortillerias here in the Pueblo that do not measure up. There are people in Santa Rosalia who read my blog.


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