Thursday, January 26, 2006

Active Volcano.
Readers have written wondering if the Tres Virgenes Volcano shown on our location map (link below) is an active volcano. Tres Virgenes is an active volcano which last erupted in the late 1700s. Active volcanoes are those volcanoes that have erupted at least once in the last 10,000 years.

Search for Rice-A-Roni.
The Team has received offers from readers to ship us Rice-A-Roni. Isn't that neat? As you may have read in our blog, we cannot find Rice-A-Roni here in the Pueblo. However, yesterday in the Issste government grocery store, we found a similar product for sale! It is manufactured by Noor. We prepared some last nite for supper, and it was pretty good.

The weather in Santa Rosalia.
Hi! This is Ms. GQ and Mr. Chips typing at you. As you know, we are the The Team's two computers. Have you been wanting Old George to post the temperature everyday here in Santa Rosalia?

George has these senior moments and often forgets stuff. So, we decided this morning to add a Santa Rosalia Weather link to our daily post.

1PM - Making do in Mexico.
What a wonderful experience it is helping my friend Chito. I am learning why Mexicans are so enterprising. Why Mexicans have a knack for figuring out ways to get things done.

I needed an extension for the drain in the kitchen. This extension will run thru the wall, and then go down into the drain. See the pic below and you may understand what I am doing.

When I went to the plumbing store, I could not buy a straight PVC connector. It was not available in the size that I needed. However, the guy in the plumbing store showed me another PVC tube, that was just a little bigger than my tube. He told me that if I heated up this bigger tube, it would fit into the smaller tube, and I would be able to make the extension needed. Would you believe that this method worked great?!

I am waiting now for Chito to return with a right angle connector in order to finish the job. The vertical and horizontal PVC tubes will be cut off, and joined to complete the connection to the sewer.


Plumbing to drain project in process.

4PM - Alty brings plants for the garden.
There was a knock on MsTioga's door. Alty came over bringing a gift. Three plants for the garden. It seems to me that this is an important thing. Alty is the central person in the family. I think that Alty likes me a lot. Alty told me twice what these plants are called. But I forgot!


Alty's plants, a gift for the garden.


6PM - Dos bancos en parque Jorge.
Yesterday, reader Gary emailed with a suggestion for a chair for the garden. We have been thinking about that suggestion all day. This evening I built a banco (bench) in the garden, and invited Chito to come over and sit on it with me.

While we were sitting on the banco and talking, Chito told me that he had an idea for a 2nd banco. We both walked into his backyard, and Chito showed me two logs, perfect supports for a 2nd banco. We set up the 2nd banco in front of the little wall of bricks in the garden

Now we have Dos bancos en Parque Jorge (Two benches in George's Park). It is too dark to take a pic of these bancos this evening, but Mr. Mavica has promised to take a pics of the bancos in the morning.


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