Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year 2006 in Santa Rosalia.
What is it like at midnight, as the New Year comes in Santa Rosalia?

Sirens from the fire department sound off. Huge firecrackers explode everywhere. Auto horns. Music. People yelling. The sound of joy. Fiestas in many, many homes, that continue into the first hours of 2006.

Putting down roots?
We received an email from Chris in Indiana which said in part, "It looks like you're putting down roots to me." Chris makes a good point, and we have wondered about this subject for a long time.

When I first became a vagabond with MsTioga back in February, 2003, I had no idea how things were out there. Where were the good boondock sites? How do I drycamp in a city? Where are the fantastic places to visit? In fact, where I should go was a mystery. So I just wandered around and explored.

During 2005, it occurred to me that there were places that I liked a whole lot. The Olympic Peninsula is one of those places. And of course, the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia is another. I wondered if there would come a time when I would stop wandering around? Would I ever stop being a vagabond? I now believe that I will not ever stop exploring, or vagabonding. However it sure seems as though there will be times when I stay put for awhile.

You know that I do not plan these kinds of things out very much. Just sort of feel them. Staying in Santa Rosalia for the winter came up on me very slowly. One thing that influenced me a bit, was my Uncle Seymour who wrote an email to me saying, "If you would just stay in one place you would save $500 a month." My huge maintenance bills of last fall got me to thinking about what Uncle Seymour wrote.

Sure enough, during December which was almost all spent here in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia, I only spent $621 of my $978 Social Security income. Pretty good, huh? And of course, there is the Google AdSense income. By staying put, I have built up my savings. Very important when MsTioga needs maintenance sometime in the future, right?

TiogaRV Team Budget Information.
We just updated our budget info for the past year. If you would like to take a peek at our Budget Info page, go to the bottom of this page, click on [Home] in the footer and then on the [Behind The Scenes] link on our Home Page.

Our "internet related expenses" are really huge. This category includes computer equipment. We bought Ms. GQ our laptop last year and replaced Mr. Chips, our noble desktop computer as well. And then there were the repairs to Mr. Datastorm.

Everybody on The Team expects that our fortunes are turning, and that by year end 2006, we should have a decent amount of savings accumulated.

5PM - Helping Chito.
Today has been a very good day! I was able to help Chito with his propane tank. The wrench that Chito was using did not loosen the brass connector nut, so I loaned Chito my Channelock pliars. Did the job nicely.

Chito came over to visit my garden this morning, and this is a good thing. Chito is a bit standoffish about coming over to our Camp. That he came over and spent some time with me in the garden, is a good sign.

I finished installing an electrical outlet for the washing machine. Remember that outlet that had the exposed electrical connections that were very dangerous? This new outlet replaced the old dangerous one.

The pic below shows Chito's backyard. The garage is on the left, and little Victor is on his bicycle near the gargage door. The kitchen is behind the garage and the main house is at the rear in this pic. Do you see the fallen down tree on the right, with the roots in the air? The tree is still alive. A chubasco (hurricane) came thru here two years ago, and blew the tree down. Fortunately the tree fell away from the house!


Mr. Mavica's pic of Chito's backyard from the top of the water tank.


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