Wednesday, February 01, 2006

4AM - Early morning stuff.
Do you enjoy paying your bills? I sure do! Especially when there is enough money in the bank. Remember a few days ago when I stayed up until 3AM to finish my tax return and file online? Crazy, huh?

This morning the TiogaRV Team Budget Information was updated. We are we up early because this month's statement is a big turn-around! We are so excited. Last month we had a deficit of $41/month. Today's published budget shows a surplus of $96/month. This huge change in The Team's economics has happened because of three things.

1. The low cost of living here in Mexico in the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia.
2. MsTioga hardly moved. Only 65 miles for January. Saved a ton of gas money.
3. The enormous success of our Google AdSense Program.

A few months ago when MsTioga and Mr. Datastorm were having terrible problems and we found ourselves in a hole, readers came to our aid with Donations. Now with the turn in our expenses, we have a surplus in funds. Man-O-Man!

The TiogaRV Team is sooooo lucky!
We do not know why we have been so lucky, but it sure is clear that we are. We have tons of reader friends tuning in each day. We love to share soooooo much, and we have so many friends to share with now. This month is a record month. Beyond belief!

When we first began publishing our Blog, it was only to keep in contact with the people in our cancer support group and a few friends back home. We had no idea back in May, 2003, that you would want to read our blog. But we are soooooo glad that you do!

During the month of January, our readers smashed thru 2,000 visits for several days. As the chart below shows, we have been getting new friends reading our blog like mad! Thank you!


This Year's Visits by Month.


9AM - Is a broom better than a vacuum?
If you asked Mr. Breeze, our tiny vacuum cleaner, the answer likely would be no! However, we have found that a broom sweeps up MsTioga's carpet fast. There is no setup, plugging in and using electric power. Here at Hill Camp we have to sweep up everyday, some days several times, because of the sand that George tracks in from the garden. No problem, because sweeping is a thing that The Team loves to do.


George operating The Broom.


2PM - Jose at El Boleo Museum.
When Jose gave me the research project yesterday, I did not understand what he wanted completely. It was the language barrier that got between us. I returned this afternoon, to get the low down.

What Jose needs, is information on Sierra Guadalupe (Guadalupe Mountain Range). Geography, maps, coordinates of mountain peaks including height, climate information, vegetation; stuff like that. Jose has written several books. The subjects of these books are Santa Rosalia's architecture, cultural and daily life. There is not too much printed information on Sierra Guadalupe, and that is why Jose has asked me to do research on this mountain range.

One of the first things that I researched, was the word sierra, which means mountain range. So that means the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California are named Mountain Range Sierra Mountains. Hmmmm?


Jose's office in El Boleo Museum.

5PM - Afternoon in The Garden.
The Garden gives me soooooo much pleasure. There are many plants now, and of course there is the endless search for more plants. The red flowers that Alty gave to me are gorgeous.

I love The Garden all day long, but my favorite time is in the late afternoon.

Gardener02-01-2006Copy AltysFlowers02-01-2006Copy

Dusk - A gorgeous evening.
The sky is so beautiful this evening, that Mr. Mavica did not know which way to look. He chose the sky to the north, with the Tres Virgenes Volcano in the distance.



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