Tuesday, February 28, 2006

6AM - Headed north out of La Paz.
Our Nite Camp is pretty close to the main road thru La Paz, and the traffic began to get loud. So, we took off heading north. Stopped at Pemex to fill MsTioga's gas tank on the way out of town.

8AM - Breakfast Camped northwest of La Paz.
This Camp is right next to Highway No. 1. Even though we are close to the highway, there is very little noise because the traffic is light. Would you like to see a pic of Highway No. 1? Maybe you wonder how it would be to drive your RV here?


Highway No. 1 is a pretty good road for RVs.

12 Noon - Ciudad Constitucion.
We stopped in Ciudad Constitucion to buy a large cup of delicious strawberry ice cream. Afterwards, MsTioga called for a Team Meeting.

The discussion was about where to make Camp? Should we stay out here in the desert where the temperature is near 100°F? Or should we continue on to the Sea of Cortez and make Camp on the beach at Ligui? Everybody on The Team shouted out, On the beach at Ligui!

3PM - Camp Ligui.
We have crossed Sierra de La Giganta, the mountain range that separates the desert from the Sea of Cortez. Even up in the mountains it was very hot.

It is warm here on the beach at Ligui, but there is a nice breeze from the water. I will go put my feet in that water now. Do you want to go with me? Hmmmmm?


George and MsTioga cool off on the beach at Ligui.


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