Monday, February 27, 2006

6AM - Leaving Rancho Boca del Salado.
This morning we are up especially early. Listening to the sounds of the rancho; the waves, the roosters. It is a windows open nite, with a temperature of 55°F outside. We are remembering this wonderful week. The many hours spent in Lucrecia's kitchen, talking and eating. Herding the chivos into their corral. So many things to remember.

We said our goodbyes yesterday evening after supper. Lucrecia said, Stop by on your way out. We suspect that Lucrecia wants to give us some food to take on our way.

Before sunrise.
Mr. Mavica and I took a walk to the beach. On the way we took a pic of Michel's sandworks.


After awhile, Michel came to the sea to fish. The pelicans are eating a lot, but there are no fish for Michel.


2PM - Camped in La Paz.
We were going to make Camp in La Ribera. Then we were going to make Camp in Las Barilles. Somehow we kept going and now are Camped in La Paz, near the shopping center with the Sorianna Stores.

6PM - Wrist Rocket practice.
How far can a wrist rocket throw a stone? Clean across the dry river bed near the Soriana Store. Now that I've had several days to mess with my wrist rocket, I realize how neat this thing is. With a little luck, a little practice, I may be able to hit something!


George goes for the other side of the dry river in La Paz.



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