Wednesday, February 22, 2006

8AM - Mr. Mavica goes hiking.
This morning Mr. Mavica and his sidekick TriPod decided to go up the hill behind our Camp. On the way they found a tire half buried in the hillside. Can you imagine how much water must have flowing thru here in order for this tire to become buried several feet up on the hillside?


Tire buried near our Camp.


Mr. Mavica and TriPod took the pic below while looking into the Sun. Looking toward the Sun is really hard for Mr. Mavica.


View of our Camp. Do you see the little school house in front of MsTioga?

10AM - Lucrecia teaches how to make tortillas.
Remember that yesterday evening I made a date with Lucrecia to teach me how to make handmade flour tortillas. I have to tell you that being inside Lucrecia's kitchen is really exciting for me. Maybe you already figured that out?

Lucrecia does not use a fixed recipe, but starts out with about five pounds of wheat flour. Little by little warm water is added. Warm milk is better, but Lucrecia does not have milk this morning. Very important not to add too much water, because then more flour must be added. Vegetable shortening is added, and Lucrecia sort of feels if more shortening needed. Ingredients are added little by little. Salt is added. A little more water.

The dough is kneeded, stretched, and kneeded some more. Taste the dough. Is it salty enough? Is it soft enough. Add a little more water, and a small amount of shortening. It takes more than ten minutes of kneeding the dough before it is ready.

Lucrecia learned how to make tortillas when she was a girl and her Mother taught her. Impossible for me to learn in one lesson how dough should feel. How much warm water to add? How much shortening? How to kneed it? I will have to make tortillas several times myself in order to figure out all of these things.

TortillaA02-22-2006Copy TortillaB02-22-2006Copy TortillaD02-22-2006Copy

11AM - Tortas Juevos for breafast.
When I came for my tortilla making lesson, Lucrecia's friend Delfina was preparing tortas juevos. These tortas look very much like an omelette to me and contain salsa and onions with various spices.

Just after my tortilla lesson, Gumaro came home with a helper. They had been milking cows at Rancho Limonada (a family rancho). Gumaro and his friend sat down for breakfast. I was invited to eat with them. Wow! I got to eat those wonderful tortas, handmade tortillas and refried beans. While we were eating breakfast, Gumaro decided that he wanted his pic taken with his friend.


5PM - George and The Chivos.
This afternoon when I heard the bells of the chivos (goats) above our Camp, I went out fast to sit on the hill. Soon the chivos came close. They were suspicious of me at first, but soon got used to me sitting there. The black dog who lives with the chivos came over for some petting. His hurt leg is all healed.

The chivos walked up the hill behind the rancho, and I waited for them to return. When the chivos came down to the corral, Gumaro opened the gate and the chivos walked in, me behind them. I got to herd the chivos into their own corral. At first they would not listen to me, but when I shouted, Chivos really loud, they all went into their corral fast.

I love the chivitos (baby chivos). The chivitos are so soft and friendly. Not afraid like the other chivos. The chivitos let me pet them. They are sooooo cute!


Chivitos in the corral.

6:30PM - Chilaquiles for Supper.
If you have not guessed it yet, I am having the time of my life here on the rancho. Eating is one of my favorite things. And the food in Lucrecia's kitchen is absolutely fantastic.

Today Lucrecia prepared chilaquiles for supper. A bunch of corn tortillas are cut up and fried, and then a ton of other stuff is added. I do not know what all the other stuff is, but I can tell you that it is soooooooo good! I ate two very large helpings!


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