Friday, February 24, 2006

9AM - The Slingshot.
Some of the workers at the rancho use slingshots, both to move the cattle and for hunting small game. I watched a ranchero use a slingshot this morning, and decided to make one of my own.

Luckily, I quickly found a tube from a tire that had been thrown away. A tree contributed the wood Y portion. The rubber came from tiedowns. Fishing line secured things.

SlingShotA02-24-2006Copy SlingShotB02-24-2006Copy

The slingshot is really accurate, and has good distance too.

Sleeping outside.
Most of the beds at the rancho are located in ramadas. These ramadas have palm covered roofs and are rectangular with no walls. In the summer when it is very hot, it may be better to sleep outside.


Milk into cheese.
A small herd of ten milk cows are kept at Rancho Limonada, a few miles to the north of the main ranch and up in the mountains. Each morning Gumaro goes to milk these cows. About five gallons of milk are produced each day and most of that milk is made into a white cheese.

Lucrecia makes a somewhat soft cheese from the milk. About five kilos of cheese are produced and sold each day to the neighbors. Lucrecia's cheese is in demand, and she has no problem selling all of it.

Cheese02-24-2006Copy CheeseFinished02-24-2006Copy

Cheese in the making in Lucrecia's kitchen. Finished cheese in cloth bags.



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