Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Owl.
The Owl had lived a good life, and for many years was a very successful hunter around the rancho. Very careful, The Owl made very few mistakes. This morning The Owl made a tragic error.

Flying low over the rancho, The Owl decided to attack the chickens in the yard. Swooping down, very quickly two chickens were killed. However, it was too close to the time when all of the people in the rancho would be rising for the day. The Owl hearing the people, cautiously retreated instead of feasting on the chickens.

That was when The Owl made a terrible mistake. Instead of flying off to the safety of the mountains, The Owl flew to the roof of the ranch house. Perhaps The Owl was too greedy, thinking that it might be able to sneak down while the people were not looking? We will never know.

Somebody saw a dead chicken, and Gumaro was out there with his rifle. In an instant, The Owl paid the final penalty for its mistake.


A ranch hand shows what happened to the once noble Owl.

9AM - Menudo for breakfast.
Yesterday evening daughter Norma Alicia began to prepare menudo for tomorrow morning’s breakfast. I mentioned that I had never eaten menudo, and wondered what it taste like. Of course I was then invited for breakfast.

Have you eaten menudo? It is a soup made from the organs in the stomach of a cow, or tripe. Vegetables and spices are added to the menudo pot, and the menudo is left to simmer overnite on the stove.

With the menudo was served chopped onions with chiles (becareful of those chiles!). Also chopped cilantro and tortillas. The juice of limones (lime) is squeezed into the soup.


George and his first bowl of menudo.

10AM - Grinding coffee.
Everybody on the rancho works. When a child is old enough, working begins. Rocio and Manuela are grandchildren of Gumaro and Lucrecia. In the pic below, these two are working at grinding coffee beans.


Rocio and Manuela grind coffee beans.

4PM - The Goats and Jesse Ventura.
Did I ever mention to you that ex-Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura is a neighbor of the rancho? Ventura and his wife moved here last year and live in a big house overlooking the Sea of Cortez.

There are a lot of plants behind the Ventura house that the goats like to eat. I went hiking up the hill behind our Camp, and went looking for the goats. It is easy to tell where the goats are, because several of them wear bells around their necks. When I came close, the goats looked at me for awhile and then ran away.

I did not see anybody from the Ventura family today. But I have seen Jesse Ventura driving his Hummer a few times on the road.


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